Our data load occurs on the 3rd Monday of the month. I want to schedule related pre and post activities (e.g., 5 days prior or 2 days after). Can I schedule using an index date (i.e., 3rd Monday, in this case) such as 3rd Monday - 5 days? Using the weekly designation works for some months but you have to manually fix it for others. Thanks.


You can use this formula for finding the 3rd Monday of the month (based on your task "Start Date" - or substitute some similar date column name):

 =DATE(YEAR([Start Date]),MONTH([Start Date]),(3*7)+1)-WEEKDAY(DATE(YEAR([Start Date]),MONTH([Start Date]),8-2))

Note that the "3" in (3*7)+1 denotes "3rd" and "Monday" is represented as "2" (as it's the second day of the week) in this part 8-2.

From there, you can create other calculated columns and use the value derived in the calculated column above to determine the dates 5 days prior and 2 days after etc.

If you need more help, let me know.

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