We're experiencing some issues with Managed Metadata columns in a list view.
- filtering is not working
- sort order seems to be wrong



The sort order seems to follow the term ID, not the term label.

In this case I try to filter the column "Ticket Priority" for "1 Critical" - no results are visible.

If we take a look to the URL it shows: https://server.domain.net/site/Lists/test/AllItems.aspx#InplviewHashf16b49bc-05a1-4302-a6e0-aec9fba58b0f=SortField%3DTicketPriority-SortDir%3DDesc-FilterField1%3DTicketPriority-FilterValue1%3D3-FilterOp1%3DIn-FilterLookupId1%3D1-FilterData1%3D0%252C3c094313%252Dae66%252D4df7%252Db82b%252D314d74fcdf86

--> The term "1 Critical" has the ID 3c094313-ae66-4df7-b82b-314d74fcdf86

If I manually modify the bold part of the URL as follows: https://server.domain.net/site/Lists/test/AllItems.aspx#InplviewHashf16b49bc-05a1-4302-a6e0-aec9fba58b0f=CascDelWarnMessage%3D1-SortField%3DTicketPriority-SortDir%3DDesc-FilterField1%3DTicketPriority-FilterValue1%3D1%20Critical

--> I get the filtered view I want!

As I understand, the filtering / sorting is happening to the term ID.

Does anybody have an idea how to get it work?


I found some more Infos in this german TechNet Forum http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/de-DE/9be3fb1d-13c9-4d33-b833-19e17ba36150/metadatennavigation-funktioniert-nicht-in-aufgabenlisten-sharepoint-2013?forum=Sharepointde

It seems to be an unfixed bug, this issue occurs on Task lists with Managed Metadata columns. It also seems that no fix is available right now.

regards, Alex

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The workaround for us is a dummy-column (filled by a workflow) which is used for filtering.

BR, Alex

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