I am migrating a site collection from SP2010 to SP2013. I need to maintain the search behavior so that I do not use search center approach.

I created a new page results.aspx and add two OOB webparts "search results" and "refinement". It works as expected.

SP2013 does not provide OOB advanced search webpart for some reason. Hence I create a search center, export the advanced search webpart and then import to a new page advanced.aspx. It looks fine.

However, when I key in a search value in the advanced.aspx page, it redirects back to results page as expected. The URL is like /SitePages/results.aspx?k=ALL(keyword). Whatever keyword I used, the advanced webpart just does not work. But the basic search webpart works fine.

Any idea? Thanks.

  • I feel like the results.aspx I created cannot read the search term like "ALL", "ANY" – Mark L Jun 3 '14 at 14:31

I am sorry I just got the answer. It is because I edited the search query on results.aspx. The original query is:


I changed to:


It will avoid result.aspx return wildcard result when type in nothing (i.e. /sitespages/results.aspx?k= will return all items within the search result source)

After I remove the questionmark the Advanced search is working now.

Now I have another question... how can I make /sitespages/results.aspx?k= return nothing?

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