I have Excel sheet and existing SharePoint list (Import spredsheet app) on my SharePoint server.

We need to append the data from the new excel sheets to the existing lists items of the SharePoint list.

How should I go about creating a solution for this?

Let's say I have 100 records in one excel file. I have imported that file to spredsheet app. It works fine for first time. Now I have 100 records in that list. Now user has added 10 more records in that excel sheet. That 10 records I have to appends to the list which is created very first time.

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I've used OpenXml in a similar solution. This can help you: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/vstudio/en-US/1fda82c4-a1ab-420a-86ad-682a1d6d33cb/openxml-read-excel-file After you read the data, the adding is easy.

If you need further assistance please let me know.

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