I don't see a way to default the EmployeeName column (person or group type) to current user. Is there a powershell way to set this up? I am not sure if the following code will work for Person and Group type column? I saw some jquery way but I rather go with OOTB if it's possible.

$w = Get-SPWeb http://inside.nov.com
$l = $w.GetListFromUrl("/Lists/EmployeeSurvey/AllItems.aspx")
$f = $l.Fields["EmployeeName"]
$f.DefaultValue = "[ME]"

I tested jquery and it works perfectly with new form by adding cewp and reference the js from asset library.



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Strictly speaking it is not possible to set a default value on a people field. But, you might be able to accomplish your requirement another way. For example,

  • A workflow
  • A list item event receiver
  • Some JavaScript on the new item form that prepopulates the form field.

...And, there is a third party tool that claims to do what you're looking for. As is always worth mentioning with third party tools, your mileage may vary.

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