Am using Windows XP and SharePoint 2007 (relics, I know!).

I have added my SharePoint sites via My Network Places :: Add a network place and these sites show up in My Network Places under the Local Network heading. I can browse the Document Libraries and add/remove files and -- when it comes to MS Office documents, at least -- I can open/edit files easily enough.

However, it doesn't behave entirely like a traditional drive ... and I'm wondering: is there anyway to map a Document Library so that it will behave like a normal folder?

Behavior I am seeing is:

  1. Can't drag a file directly from the Document Library Explorer window into an email.
  2. Can't edit non-MS Office documents (they will just open in Internet Explorer, for example: a basic text document loses the right-click 'edit' option and a double click opens IE instead of Notepad).
  3. Can't save a file to the Document Library from a non-MS Office piece of software (for example, if I open WordPad, browse to my network places and open my SharePoint site I cannot save the file).

Reading questions like this and this make me wonder if this is even possible. On other web servers, I would use SSH to mount a folder (or FTP or something similar).

Is there a way to do this with SharePoint?

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