I have just attached a SP2010 site collection to a SP2013 farm. One of the page contains a Core Results Web Part and a Refinement Web Part. I run the site in both SP2010 mode and SP2013-eval mode. The Core results webpart always return "Scope in your query does not exist".

May I know is it possible to convert it to suit SP2013 settings? Is it possible?


P.S. I try create a blank new site collection and add a SP2013 OOB core result webpart. It works as expected so I think the search service application is correctly setup.

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The error Scope in your query does not exist occurs since specified Search Scope is not available in SharePoint 2013.

You could configure Result Sources for search in SharePoint 2013 to mimic the search scope:

Result Sources replace Search Scopes, which are now deprecated. You can still view your old scopes and use them in queries, but not edit them


Configure result sources for search in SharePoint Server 2013

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