I have a list with a rich text column. When I add a hyperlink (using the toolbar) that points to a network location, SharePoint is stripping the URL from hyperlink. Hyperlinks with URLs to web sites are fine. I have tried both:

file://servename/folder name


\\Servername\folder name

I get the same result. The data is display as a link but there is no URL embedded in it. When I open the item to edit it, only the text remains

Edit: I can get it to work by just putting in the UNC directly as text, as long as it does not contain spaces. I tried to use %20 for spaces but the link includes the encoded chars in the path when you try to open the it.

SharePoint 2013

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This is a known issue with the rich text editor. The hyperlinks will be removed unless they start with /, http, or https (might be a couple of others, but it's limited). Not a whole lot that can be done, you might consider storing the URLs in a separate column that doesn't go through the same rules.


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