I have a form with two views, the user view and approver view. The approver view is an exentension of the user view. How do I have a email sent from the user view but have the approver view show in the email, with all the relevant fields that have been filled out by the user showing ?

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I don't know what approaches you've tried, but its logical to go the Perform custom action using Rules route, having 2 rules...one to switch the view and one to send the email. Unfortunately this doesn't work...jury's been out on whether this is a bug or by design for a long time.

The standard approach to accomplish this is 2 sections in a single view and using rules to show and hide the sections as needed.

Here is a post from the InfoPath team on the subject:


It's targeted for 2007, but will work with 2010 as well.

Hope this helps.

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