I am trying to configure a Sharepoint document library with approve/reject workflow. I understand the workflow aspects and the doc library settings but I can't see an ability for the reviewer to respond with APPROVE/REJECT AND upload a marked-up version of the document. I want...

  • userA to upload a document
  • userA assigns the workflow task to userB
  • userB reviews the document
  • userB approves/rejects the task
  • userB can upload a marked version of the document for userA to edit further < THIS IS THE PROB STEP

Any help really appreciated as I don't want to have a scenario where the marked up version of the document becomes a separate doc in the library. I want it to stay linked to the original document passing through the workflow.


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You can enable versioning on your document library. When the reviewer uploads marked document, a new version will be created and then the other can update it and upload again.

In version history , you will be able to check all the versions in one place.

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