I have a source site and a target site.

Why can not some lists be propagated through target sites? I mean, if I create a Links or Events list in the source site I do not see the Variations ribbon, so I can not propagate list.

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You can configure the lists you want to be propagated to target sites excepting Task Lists and Calendar Lists.

Can you be more descriptive to know what it is happening?

  • Exactly, I can propagate (by clicking on the ribbon) all the kind of list but not calendar and links (I do not have the variation ribbon)
    – Nk SP
    Feb 4, 2015 at 14:50

No, I tried this myself and it seems the Variations option [in the ribbon banner] doesn't come up for Links, Task Lists and Calendar Lists. It seems like it's not supported.

I can see some more folks have faced this issue: variations in sharepoint 2013

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