If i want to get the Features that are activated on a WebApplication, i can use the SPWebApplication.Features property, which will return a SPFeatureCollection with the Features activated for the WebApplication.

If i want to get a collection with the Farm-scoped Features that are activated on a SharePoint-Farm, there is not an easy way (as in the above for WebApps) to achieve this, since there is no 'SPFarm.Features' [or similar] property.

So how do i get a collection of farm-scoped features that are activated ?


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To get the SPFeatureCollection for the farm-scoped features in the same fashion as SPWebApplication.Features, you use the SPWebService.AdministrationService. In PowerShell:


In C#:


To get all features grouped by Scope (Farm, WebApplication, Site, Web):

Get-SPFeature | Sort -Property Scope, DisplayName | FT -GroupBy Scope DisplayName, Id

To get Farm features only:

Get-SPFeature | Where {$_.Scope -eq "Farm"} | Select DisplayName, Id | Sort -Property Scope, DisplayName


Use below Powershell to get all activated features in the farm

$farmFeatures = Get-SPFeature -Farm 

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