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Top new questions this week:

Azure ACS retirement in Microsoft 365 - legacy SharePoint REST API impacted?

According to Azure ACS will stop working for new tenants as of November 1st, 2024 and it will stop ...

sharepoint-online sharepoint-rest-api api acs  
user avatar asked by Alex Filipovici Score of 1
user avatar answered by Danny Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Remove comma (thousands seperator) in number field without using calculated item

Is there a way to achieve this without adding a calculated item with this format = TEXT([Customer Number], "0") ?? I'm using sharepoint 2013.

2013 list number  
user avatar asked by eSS92 Score of 18
user avatar answered by Taran Goel Score of 11

How do I create a public view from a private view

It seems like I can't modify a private view to be public, or duplicate a private view to be public. Am I restricted to copying by hand all the settings of my private view, then creating a fresh ...

user avatar asked by Chris Score of 13
user avatar answered by Manz Score of 25

How to hide recent in the navigation

In SP2013 you have the recent entry in the navigation. Is there an easy way to automatically hide/remove this entry?

2013 navigation  
user avatar asked by Remko Score of 13
user avatar answered by Remko Score of 11

Rest API - $filter multiple values

Assuming there is a list of Students each with a zip-code, how can I get records for multiple (but not all) zip-codes. When using $filter how do specify multiple values? Here's what I have so far: ...

rest filter multiple-values  
user avatar asked by pzirkind Score of 20
user avatar answered by Patrick Score of 34

Hide the "Add new Item" option below the sharepoint 2010 list

I have a sharepoint 2010 list, I want to hide the option "add new item" which resides below the list, any suggestions?

web-part list sharepoint-foundation toolbar  
user avatar asked by SandeshR Score of 27
user avatar answered by Alexey Krasheninnikov Score of 43

How do I know if the page is in Edit Mode from JavaScript?

Is there a way to find out if a page is in Edit Mode from JavaScript? I know server-side can be found using SPContext.Current.FormContext.FormMode but I can't find any means of doing it from ...

javascript client-object-model  
user avatar asked by Renzo Score of 98
user avatar answered by Andrey Markeev Score of 139

I need to create an auto-generated email when items in a Sharepoint list are created or updated

I'm pretty inexperienced with Sharepoint design, but have taken on the task of creating a basic issue tracker for a project. The idea is when testers find an issue, they will log it into the ...

2010 sharepoint-designer email alert  
user avatar asked by Jeff Score of 18
user avatar answered by Andrey Markeev Score of 32
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