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Top new questions this week:

Customized Power Apps List Form: Where is the App Stored?

Suppose, we have customized a SharePoint list using Power Apps. Can someone explain, please, where the published Power apps' files (app package) are stored? does not seem ...

sharepoint-online powerapp  
asked by Denis Molodtsov 6 votes
answered by Denis Molodtsov 0 votes

Cant save navigation settings - Missing permissions although I am owner of the site

I would like to activate the feature that automatically generates a building structure on the right side of the navigation area. More precisely, I would like to select the following menu item: ...

permissions navigation managed-navigation term-set settings  
asked by noSharePointToday 5 votes

Whats the file size upload limit in sharepoint online

Im trying to upload a 45MB file but its failing, is there any way to change it? And also what are all the file extensions not allowed to upload in SharePoint document library?

sharepoint-online document-library  
asked by Coder 4 votes
answered by Karthik Jaganathan 4 votes

Select and use page template not only on the start page, but also in the page library

here's my problem. I have created a page template and I get it displayed when I open the menu "new" on the start page (see screenshot). This site "Template Wiki-Eintrag" can be used and it works ...

template sitepages  
asked by SharePointNewbie 3 votes

Is it possible modify the megamenu cascading dropdown spacing?

I'm looking for a way to modify to spacing between the section titles on the megamenu? I'm thinking that this could be done modifying the css scripting, but I'm not that skilled with the web-dev side ...

sharepoint-online javascript css html sharepoint-framework  
asked by Mp84 2 votes

Column validation on a non required field

I would like to have validation on a column that IF you type in the field you have to use 19 letters. But if you leave the field blank you can still save. Right now I use this: =IF(LEN([column ...

sharepoint-online list validation help column-validation  
asked by 288088 2 votes
answered by Ganesh Sanap 4 votes

Database contains a site that is not found in the site map

This error is in the upgrade log for mounting a copy of a content database in a different farm. This error is being thrown for one site collection (all other site collections are fine). This site is ...

2013 2016 upgrade  
asked by Mike2500 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Hide/Show field on list form based on value from another field

I need to hide field 'B' when the value in field 'A' is NOT equal to 'Other'. This is a custom list form. Is jquery the way to go?

list custom-form  
asked by stumped 11 votes

Error: The tool was unable to install Application Server Role, Web Server (IIS) Role

When installing prerequisite for SharePoint 2013 it fails and give error: Error: The tool was unable to install Application Server Role, Web Server (IIS) Role can anyone tell me why it fails I ...

sharepoint-enterprise sharepoint-server  
asked by MJVM 12 votes
answered by MJVM 7 votes

Unlocking a "locked by another user" file from a SharePoint library

I opened a word doc file in a SharePoint library via a channel tab in MS Teams app. I closed the app without making changes. Now when I try to delete the file from the library I get file locked by ...

asked by TDub 3 votes
answered by Erik Perez 2 votes

How to export powershell output to excel

I have found the custom lists in a particular site and I want to print the names to Excel. How do I do it?

powershell export  
asked by Jon 1 vote
answered by Robert Lindgren 4 votes

SharePoint Online REST API Authentication In POSTMAN

I am trying to authenticate with the REST API for a list in SharePoint Online using POSTMAN. For example, the URL for my site looks something like this: ...

sharepoint-online authentication sharepoint-rest-api authorization  
asked by motionpotion 19 votes
answered by motionpotion 22 votes

how do I view the older version of the document without restoring?

If I add version to my documents and later on want to retrieve copy of an older version, how do I do that without restoring the older version? In my document library there is a file "test" that has ...

versioning version-history  
asked by Karthikeyan 20 votes
answered by Alex Boev 20 votes

How to use Today and Me in Calculated column

I want to use a combination of Today and Me in SharePoint 2013. I am trying it in Office 365 it gives me the below error Calculated columns cannot contain volatile functions like Today and Me. ...

2013 office-365 calculated-column calculated-column-formula  
asked by Taran Goel 40 votes
answered by Amit 17 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Can't figure out why one team site has checkout the other not

I have two team sites on the same SP2013 on-premise farm, I'm in full control on both team sites (not the farm, though). They both have different ribbons on the home page and I can't figure out why. I ...

team-sites homepage  
asked by Clipper 1 vote
answered by Marek Sarad 0 votes

new page properties not available for modern pages

We have a sharepoint online 2019 as part of our O365. I am trying to build a wiki following this example: ...

sharepoint-online modern-pages sitepages  
asked by Henrov 1 vote

Is it possible to add an App from the SharePoint Online store to a site with PowerShell?

Is it possible to install an app, that is on the SharePoint Online app store, on a SharePoint site using PowerShell? If so how is this done? I had a look at the documentation and found that the only ...

sharepoint-online powershell  
asked by Liam Cosgrove 1 vote
answered by SP Expert 0 votes
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