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Top new questions this week:

"Value does not fall within the expected range" Error when trying to add user to a sitegroup through REST API SP Online

I want to add a user to the members group of a SP site. Unfortunately I always get the above mentioned error when I use the LoginName format that is documented in the API reference. When I use simple ...

sharepoint-online sharepoint-rest-api error groups  
asked by Bejay Score of 3
answered by Ganesh Sanap Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I learn the basics of SharePoint 2013 in a few days?

I have very little knowledge of SharePoint, and want to learn about SharePoint 2013. Most of the resources that I've found are either about what's new in 2013, or they have a bunch of links to ...

2013 learning books tutorials  
asked by Stephen Oberauer Score of 34
answered by MikhailSP Score of 24

Link to "Download a Copy" from a Document Library

I have a Document Library with some exported webparts (.dwp). When I embed a hyperlink somewhere to the document, it opens in the browser (IE8). I cannot change any settings on the site collection ...

document-library hyperlink download  
asked by curmudgeon Score of 15
answered by James Mann Score of 32

How to get a Download link for a document in SharePoint library for anonymous users

I uploaded a file to a folder in I created a view link, requiring no access The link that I get when I click on share looks something like this https://...

sharepoint-online document-library office-365  
asked by Vignesh Subramanian Score of 13
answered by Vignesh Subramanian Score of 12

Why are fields in Datasheet View read only?

I have four metadata columns into which I cannot paste data for a bulk upload. A diaglog box: "The selected cells are read only" appears when I try to paste. The cells are defined as "multiple lines ...

sharepoint-foundation import datasheet  
asked by dwwilson66 Score of 11
answered by Stephan Robberts Score of 10

What is causing this error :- Restore-SPSite : <nativehr>0x80070003</nativehr><nativestack></nativestack>

I want to restore a site collection to my staging environment , and when i typed the following power shell command :- PS H:\> Restore-SPSite http://ggvstg01:12160/discussionforum/GeneralDiscussi ...

2013 administration central-administration backup  
asked by john Gu Score of 18
answered by najro Score of 20

How can I check-in multiple files at once SharePoint 2013?

I've been doing a lot of reading and research today, but haven't been able to find a solution that works for me. Up until yesterday, our sales team was able to mass-check out files for tracking, fill ...

2013 check-in  
asked by Kyle T Score of 8
answered by Roman Score of 7

New List Item - How can I change the order of fields in the form?

I need to change the order in which some fields appear on the new list item form for one of my custom lists. Regardless of the ordering in the view I have selected, the fields always seem to appear ...

sharepoint-online list-form  
asked by Ben Score of 29
answered by hupseb Score of 11

Can you answer these questions?

Which is best to implement Polls embedded inside SharePoint modern pages? MS Forms OR Yammer

I am working on a new SharePoint online site. And the customer asked to have the ability to add Polls on different places inside the SharePoint site home page. Now based on my investigations and ...

office-365 yammer microsoft-forms yammer-embed  
asked by john Gu Score of 1
answered by Orlando Score of 0

SPFx extension customizer JS files is not loading on production tenant of my SharePoint Online site

I have two different tenant, one is for development things and another for production. I have developed one SPFx extension and deployed on development and production site. It was working perfectly ...

sharepoint-online spfx spfx-webparts spfx-extensions sharepoint-framework  
asked by Ajay Kumar Score of 1
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