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Top new questions this week:

I am no longer able to debug/run my SharePoint Remote Event Receiver locally using Ngrok

Last month the below steps were working well for me to debug and test a SharePoint online remote event receiver locally:- Open Ngrok.exe >> run the following command inside ngrok:- ngrok ...

sharepoint-online development csom remote-event-receiver reverse-proxy  
asked by john Gu 3 votes

Help with Sharepoint List Columns - make cell GREEN if value = "Complete"

Need help with Sharepoint - I have created a list, and my boss wants a cell on a specific column to turn green if the value = "Complete". Is this possible? The particular column name is &...

asked by Morley Ramsay 2 votes
answered by Denis Molodtsov 1 vote

How to apply Master Page to SharePoint Online Site Pages

I have started using Office 365 recently. I liked the features of Site Pages where we can add Hero Webparts, Highlighted Content webparts etc. However, I am struggling to apply my custom master page ...

sharepoint-online office-365 modern-experience custom-masterpage sitepages  
asked by Chintan.Desai 1 vote
answered by Ganesh Sanap 0 votes

Team site landing page is in classic SharePoint - is there a way to move this page from classic to modern?

I'm a SharePoint owner for a team site and inherited a classic landing page for this site. I want this landing page to be more dynamic with the awesome features only the modern style provides. Is ...

sharepoint-online modern-experience modern-team-site  
asked by Sandi 1 vote
answered by Denis Molodtsov 0 votes

SharePoint List form customized with Power Apps displays very little in size although the Preview screen displays perfectly

I have a SP list with customized form through power apps[canvas app]. When I go to and preview the form [set size 1185x790(potraitxlarge)], it displays the form with perfect size. When I ...

sharepoint-online list-form powerapps-forms powerapps-canvas splist-custom-newform  
asked by Kailash Sahoo 1 vote
answered by Denis Molodtsov 0 votes

How to fetch all the document libraries into a FolderCollection for SharePoint Online C#

I am trying to get the name of the document libraries of SharePoint online into a FolderCollection using the below code. But it looks like I am not getting the display name of "Documents" ...

sharepoint-online development csom  
asked by Zahir 1 vote
answered by Denis Molodtsov 0 votes

SharePoint list: Conditional required field - Hhow switch off

In my SharePoint list there are two columns: A and B (both of them are required). Scenario: If user will input value in column A, he don't need fill column B. And reverse, if the user enters the value ...

sharepoint-online sharepoint-enterprise list calculated-column-formula validation  
asked by Jacko21 1 vote
answered by Emily Du - MSFT 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Excel links open files as read-only mode. How to change this to edit mode?

Does anyone have any idea why using the link on excel opens the file as read-only mode? How can I change the behavior to open as Edit mode? I checked almost all of the Document Library settings, but ...

excel excel-services  
asked by MicroSumol 12 votes
answered by philipthegreat 7 votes

User with Full Control Permission is getting Access Denied Message

The user who's responsibility it is to build up and maintain our training portal is receiving the "Access Denied" message when she tries to edit her page. Her permission level is "Full Control". I ...

2010 permissions access-denied  
asked by Charles Baker 43 votes
answered by Charles Baker 27 votes

Change Title (linked to item with edit menu) to different column

How can I change the column in a SharePoint list that has the link to the item and the link to the item with edit menu eg: Title (linked to item) Title (linked to item with edit menu) I want to have ...

list column site-column title-column  
asked by Carel 40 votes
answered by Carel 35 votes

Hide list column on new, edit item-OOTB

I have a SharePoint list. There I have created a new column "Department". I want to keep it hidden when adding new item and edit item. It should be visible in list view. No code base (OOTB).

list list-view custom-list ootb  
asked by Sivakumar Piratheeban 13 votes
answered by Sivakumar Piratheeban 22 votes

Creating a Status column (IF statement/calculated column)

I'm developing list for managing a project with 11 columns each representing a project milestone. We'll call them A,B,C...K. "A" representing a status of "Project Started" and K representing "...

asked by WillSL 1 vote
answered by Aanchal 5 votes

How can I learn the basics of SharePoint 2013 in a few days?

I have very little knowledge of SharePoint, and want to learn about SharePoint 2013. Most of the resources that I've found are either about what's new in 2013, or they have a bunch of links to ...

2013 learning books tutorials  
asked by Stephen Oberauer 34 votes
answered by MikhailSP 24 votes

Move files into sub-folders in Library in SharePoint 2010

I have been trying to find a way for this one but haven't been able to. It may be right under my nose, so here it goes. We have a Library with couple of folders, sub folders and files. I have been ...

2010 document-library library out-of-the-box ootb  
asked by Naveen 8 votes
answered by Jammin4CO 6 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is there a way to have Choice user input type for "For a selected item" flow trigger?

I have two SharePoint lists: List 1 - has item details List 2 - has shipping details As one item can be shipped to different locations, List 1 has one to many relationship with List 2. I have a ...

sharepoint-online power-automate  
asked by Aykut Karaca 1 vote
answered by Denis Molodtsov 0 votes

Auditing PowerShell Activity

I can see changes made to SharePoint Online using the available audit logs etc. But I don't see PowerShell activity by admins or others. Most like a person who is going to hack the platform is going ...

sharepoint-online powershell office-365 security  
asked by motionpotion 1 vote

Date time column value is off by one hour

SharePoint showing one hour less in UI in one site collection and correct value in another site collection and both site collections/sites having same regional settings and programmatically it is ...

sharepoint-online date-time timezone daylight-saving-time  
asked by Crow Canyon 1 vote
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