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Top new questions this week:

Format view using @group.fieldData on a lookup column

I'm trying to do some formatting of my document library. I'm specifically trying to format when I've grouped by a column, this column is a lookup column to another list. This is the code I'm using. { ...

sharepoint-online document-library modern-experience json-formatting view-formatting  
asked by displaced 2 votes
answered by Ganesh Sanap 1 vote

Avoid SharePoint Collection Admin from Accessing Certain Lists

I have created certain lists on SharePoint with only users can be able to see their entry. However, it turns out that the SharePoint Collection Admin can be able to view user's list entries. Is there ...

sharepoint-online list permissions modern-experience administration  
asked by ony4869 1 vote
answered by Ganesh Sanap 0 votes

Search Display Template code no longer able to access CurrentItem.UniqueId

I have a SharePoint Online site that uses some custom Search Display Templates to display content from Document Libraries and Picture Libraries. The JavaScript code had been running fine for a couple ...

sharepoint-online display-template  
asked by Bryan 1 vote

Can I use an sharepoint client id+secret in PowerAutomate?

I know you can change the credentials for a specific flow in Power Automate, but I have been looking for a way to use a client id+secret instead. I found one example where you can request the token ...

sharepoint-online power-automate  
asked by Ricardo Silva 1 vote
answered by Denis Molodtsov 0 votes

IOS Now Blocks PowerApps Forms from being opened - any way around this?

I have a powerapps form based on a SharePoint list with just standard text, date, and people picker columns. If a user has an iPhone, there are restrictions. The customer doesn't want to ask their ...

sharepoint-online spfx powerapps-forms settings apple-ios  
asked by Chris 1 vote
answered by Denis Molodtsov 0 votes

How to prevent Power Automate from being suspended after inactivity?

I have a Power Automate that is triggered on SharePoint list item update. But that SharePoint list is updated rarely once in a year. In this case, my Power Automate is automatically suspended by ...

sharepoint-online list flow power-automate limitations  
asked by Aakash Maurya 1 vote
answered by Ganesh Sanap 0 votes

Three-Color Coding based on Date Ranges in SharePoint Online

Follow-up to 594140 ORIGINAL CODE: { "$schema": "", "elmType": "div", "...

sharepoint-online list modern-experience json-formatting column-formatting  
asked by Brian Curtis 1 vote
answered by Ganesh Sanap 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Remove comma (thousands seperator) in number field without using calculated item

Is there a way to achieve this without adding a calculated item with this format = TEXT([Customer Number], "0") ?? I'm using sharepoint 2013.

2013 list number  
asked by eSS92 16 votes
answered by Taran Goel 10 votes

How can I learn the basics of SharePoint 2013 in a few days?

I have very little knowledge of SharePoint, and want to learn about SharePoint 2013. Most of the resources that I've found are either about what's new in 2013, or they have a bunch of links to ...

2013 learning books tutorials  
asked by Stephen Oberauer 34 votes
answered by MikhailSP 24 votes

How to get a Download link for a document in SharePoint library for anonymous users

I uploaded a file to a folder in I created a view link, requiring no access The link that I get when I click on share looks something like this https://...

sharepoint-online document-library office-365  
asked by Vignesh Subramanian 13 votes
answered by Vignesh Subramanian 12 votes

NTLM vs Kerberos

I just want to know the difference between NTLM and Kerberos. When to use NTLM and Kerberos and when not to use it? Why do you need to use Kerberos for authenticated feeds? Our admin is asking me why? ...

authentication configuration ntlm kerberos  
asked by SPNotSoNewbieNow 50 votes
answered by Ivan Padabed 37 votes

How to have two web parts side by side in same zone

I have two web parts that i want to fit side by side in the same zone, however, I'm not sure how to go about this. I've modified the width of the individual web parts to be able to fit side by side ...

web-part web-part-zone  
asked by Mallory 18 votes
answered by Mike 23 votes

How to add Newsfeed webpart to SharePoint 2013?

I cannot see it anywhere: neither in Edit -> Insert -> Web Part, nor Edit -> Insert -> App Part. Do I have to enable a certain Feature to be able to use Newsfeed?

web-part 2013 newsfeed  
asked by Mariusz Ignatowicz 15 votes
answered by Alvmad 27 votes

Link to "Download a Copy" from a Document Library

I have a Document Library with some exported webparts (.dwp). When I embed a hyperlink somewhere to the document, it opens in the browser (IE8). I cannot change any settings on the site collection ...

document-library hyperlink download  
asked by curmudgeon 15 votes
answered by James Mann 31 votes

Can you answer these questions?

I am trying to return all lists from SharePoint site using CSOM, but my query only returns back 1 item

I'm new to the share point API. I am attempting to retrieve all the lists in a SharePoint subsite so that later I can choose one of the document libraries and upload a file. When the query finishes it ...

sharepoint-online list document-library csom modern-experience  
asked by Jesse Talamantes 1 vote

Track the recently Modified Sites in SharePoint Online

I am working on the console where I need to prepare the list of all the Sites in the tenant which were modified in last 24 hours or given timeframe. I tried to use the Tenant.GetSitePropertiesByUrl ...

sharepoint-online csom last-modified-date  
asked by Litt Spector 1 vote

Calculated column formula help

I have a request to generate a tracker number when a new item is created to a list based on the below logic: The number format is "TN" + CurrentDate(ddMonYY format) + Counter. eg: ...

sharepoint-server sharepoint-foundation calculated-column calculated-column-formula  
asked by user2459457 1 vote
answered by EchoDu_MSFT 0 votes
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