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Top new questions this week:

How to get the Alternative text for "Hyperlink or Picture" field Type in SharePoint online

I have a field in my SharePoint list of type Hyperlink. I want to format the list view so that all the items in it will display as bullet items. I am using JSLink and below is my code. I want the DOM ...

sharepoint-online javascript jslink hyperlink client-side-rendering  
asked by santosh kondapalli 3 votes
answered by Ganesh Sanap 2 votes

disable "sharewith" from the Ribbon and share option in sharepoint 2019

I need to disable Shared With option from the ribbon and the sharing of an item for all users: I used these two PowerShell commands but that doesn't work: Disable-SPFeature -Identity "...

sharepoint-enterprise powershell  
asked by Imen Turki 3 votes
answered by Mohamed El-Qassas MVP 3 votes

How can access multi Lists from Sharepoint Add-ins?

I creating a SharePoint-hosted Add-ins. I want access multi Lists in web host: But it only Trust It a List How can allow select multi List to Trust It

sharepoint-online sharepoint-addin  
asked by D T 3 votes
answered by Michael Han_MSFT 4 votes

Simple SharePoint Flow to Send Email Issues

I am at a loss of 4+ hours trying to understand why this flow will not work. I have SharePoint Library with a Yes/No choice column for whether a file Needs Updating that I want to trigger an email. ...

flow choice-field  
asked by Christy 3 votes
answered by Denis Molodtsov 2 votes

Filtering List View by Current User Email

We have a Power app which feeds into a SharePoint list when users submit a form on the app. We don't use the 'People Field' when building apps as they are complicated and cause a few issues. So ...

list-view user-profile powerapps-forms  
asked by HushHoney 2 votes
answered by Denis Molodtsov 1 vote

Google Organization Chart from SharePoint list items

I created a Google Organization Chart on SharePoint using the answer from the following question on Stack Overflow.

sharepoint-server javascript rest custom-list  
asked by Devon 2 votes
answered by Mohamed El-Qassas MVP 2 votes

Not able to insert data into TaskList In sharepoint Spfx

Using SP-Pnp-Js Library, I am not able to insert data from a webpart into the sharepoint Tasklist. private SubmitWorkflowForm(): void { var TaskNameVal = document.getElementById('taskName')['value']; ...

javascript spfx spfx-webparts typescript pnpjs  
asked by abhishek23 2 votes
answered by Tezz Chaudhary 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Error 0x800700DF: The file size exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved

I am using sp 2010. I have 2 differant web applications. I try to copy a pdf document from webapplication1 to webapplication2. I do this by opening the file explorer from these 2 webapplications. It ...

open-with-explorer limitations  
asked by Ola 12 votes
answered by ckittel 22 votes

SharePoint Events Not Showing In Calendar, But Will Show in All Events List (SharePoint 2010)

I'm having a weird issue right now where none of the new events created on this calendar are appearing on the actual calendar. If, however, I change the view to "All Events", it will show my created ...

2010 sharepoint-calendar  
asked by RedMageKnight 7 votes
answered by BlueSky2010 5 votes

How to auto-populate a list column with a sequential number?

I am using a SharePoint list as a database for logging accidents/incidents at work. Each incident is assigned a number. As there are multiple people making use of this list, I'd really like the "...

list item  
asked by Laura 17 votes
answered by Nizar Grindi 9 votes

The diffence between Pages and Site Pages

When I go to Site Settings->Site Administration->Content and structure Logs I find, among other categories, the following two categories: Pages and Site Pages. I don't understand what's the difference ...

content pages settings  
asked by bloomingsmilez 8 votes
answered by Varun Verma 3 votes

Application Pool is auto stopped when browse web application in IIS7

When I browse to Central Administration I get repeated authentication requests and am unable to view the page. I get the following error: Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is ...

central-administration iis  
asked by Jignesh Rajput 9 votes
answered by Andy Burns 4 votes

How to Add Blank to choice field?

I added a choice field "IsMainframe". Business unit only want Blank and Yes. How do I incorporate blank in a choice field?

asked by Mary Rivers 24 votes
answered by John Koerner 18 votes

File:// hyperlink to a shared drive

I have a need to add a hyperlink in a wikipage to open a file in a shared drive. Uploading the file to SharePoint is not an option in this case (due to record compliance, intranet in SP now - document ...

sharepoint-online hyperlink internet-explorer  
asked by Toni W 9 votes
answered by Jessica Brennan 4 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Attachment URL to column

Query is regarding SharePoint list. Is there anyway I can get the attachment URL and add that to a new column using flow? [

sharepoint-online modern-experience flow attachments power-automate  
asked by Jose1978 1 vote
answered by Ganesh Sanap 0 votes

Unable to show progress bar using SharePoint REST API

I am trying use XMLHttpRequest to show a progress bar when uploading files to a SharePoint list via REST api. The same code works on this codepen even without the parser.php file. Just trying to show ...

rest sharepoint-rest-api ajax  
asked by martinbshp 1 vote

Creating English-UK sites via Sharepoint Rest API

I am trying to create a new SharePoint Site collection via the REST API and trying to have that site be created using the English - United Kingdom Language rather than English - United States I ...

sharepoint-online sharepoint-rest-api flow power-automate regional-settings  
asked by JohnSol 1 vote
answered by Amos_MSFT 0 votes
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