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SharePoint Online: JSON - Add red dotted line under each list row

I am trying to format a list view with JSON. I want to place a thin red dotted line under each row using "border-bottom": "1px dotted red". I think I have far to go in ...

sharepoint-online json-formatting  
user avatar asked by ChasEpes Score of 2
user avatar answered by theChrisKent Score of 3

Fetch the targeted content from a SharePoint list using Rest API

I have a SharePoint list on which Target Audience is enabled. There is a custom list SPFx webpart which shows the list items using the Rest API. I want to display the content based on the targeted ...

sharepoint-online list spfx-webparts audience-targeting  
user avatar asked by Divya Sharma Score of 1
user avatar answered by Rohit Waghela Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to add Newsfeed webpart to SharePoint 2013?

I cannot see it anywhere: neither in Edit -> Insert -> Web Part, nor Edit -> Insert -> App Part. Do I have to enable a certain Feature to be able to use Newsfeed?

web-part 2013 newsfeed  
user avatar asked by Mariusz Ignatowicz Score of 15
user avatar answered by Alvmad Score of 27

View outlook calendar in SharePoint 2013

Is it possible to view outlook calendar in SharePoint 2013? Head of the department wants to view everyone's Outlook Calendar in the SharePoint 2013. Is this possible? He can view other's outlook ...

sharepoint-enterprise calendar sharepoint-calendar  
user avatar asked by user1263981 Score of 8
user avatar answered by Jatin Ambaliya Score of 5

how do I view the older version of the document without restoring?

If I add version to my documents and later on want to retrieve copy of an older version, how do I do that without restoring the older version? In my document library there is a file "test" that has ...

versioning version-history  
user avatar asked by Karthikeyan Score of 23
user avatar answered by Alex Boev Score of 24

Application Pool is auto stopped when browse web application in IIS7

When I browse to Central Administration I get repeated authentication requests and am unable to view the page. I get the following error: Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The service is ...

central-administration iis  
user avatar asked by Jignesh Rajput Score of 9
user avatar answered by Andy Burns Score of 4

How to get a Download link for a document in SharePoint library for anonymous users

I uploaded a file to a folder in I created a view link, requiring no access The link that I get when I click on share looks something like this https://...

sharepoint-online document-library office-365  
user avatar asked by Vignesh Subramanian Score of 13
user avatar answered by Vignesh Subramanian Score of 13

How do I check in a LOT of files all at once?

I put a lot of documentation on our SharePoint site, and it all lists as being Checked Out To me. How do I check all of those files in, in one shot?

document check-in bulk  
user avatar asked by Lance Roberts Score of 36
user avatar answered by brian brinley Score of 32

Adding new list item using REST

I am currently using Office 365 and lots of REST queries to display data. However I am now creating my own forms using Bootstrap and jQuery. However, how do I use REST to add the data to the list? ...

javascript office-365 rest client-object-model  
user avatar asked by Miyagi Score of 24
user avatar answered by Varun Verma Score of 25

Can you answer this question?

Creating a calculated field to show 'Red' 'Amber' or 'Green' based on a due date column

I am trying to create a calculated column to return "Red" "Amber" or "Green" based on a due date. I have a date column called "Due Date" and I am trying to add ...

sharepoint-online calculated-column calculated-column-formula json-formatting microsoft-lists  
user avatar asked by aoife Score of 1
user avatar answered by Ganesh Sanap Score of 0
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