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Top new questions this week:

Developing forms inside Sharepoint Online

SP newbie over here. Feel free to delete if this is against the rules. I just discovered that it is possible to build "applications" inside SP Online. Followed the Official MS docs and to be honest, ...

sharepoint-online form  
asked by Yassine Lachgar 3 votes
answered by theChrisKent 5 votes

SharePoint Search no longer returns any results when item level permissions have been implemented on all list in site. Is this normal?

After implementing item-level permissions on all lists and libraries in a site the SharePoint Search has stopped returning results. Is this normal behavior? I was hoping and expecting the search to ...

2013 sharepoint-foundation search-results sharepoint-search item-level-permissions  
asked by GeorgeK 2 votes
answered by Matiur Rahman 0 votes

Split delimited (, ; #) string using SPD 2013

Need support in splitting a text (Single line text field/Multi line text field- Plain Text) which has delimiters and create new items in other library/list. Tried using sample SPD 2013 workflow, but ...

workflow string  
asked by Sudhir 1 vote
answered by harshal gite 0 votes

SPFX : TypeError: external__react_.useContext is not a function

I am using office-ui-fabric card in my spfx web part. Getting the error as below. createComponent.tsx:51 Uncaught TypeError: external__react_.useContext is not a function at result ...

spfx-webparts react office-ui-fabric-react  
asked by KumarV 1 vote

Custom List- Item Edit

I created a custom list, 01. Team - users have "Contribute only without edit & Delete" , 02. Team - has "Contribute without delete" But 2 nd team can not edit the list item wise, (I also can ...

sharepoint-online sharepoint-designer permissions custom-list  
asked by Sameera 1 vote

How to get better error 400 error message for list item updates via REST?

I am changing a lot of fields with a REST POST/MERGE request to a list item. When an input is wrong, is there a way to figure out WHICH field caused the 400 error? All I get is this useless response: ...

rest sharepoint-rest-api  
asked by Traubenfuchs 1 vote
answered by Ravi 3 votes

Can we force the list view Filters Pane to have the ability to filter all the files, even the ones inside folders

I am working on a sharepoint online team site collection, and i have a document library which contain 3 managed metadata columns named (Department, Main Category & Sub Category). Previously, ...

sharepoint-online document-library list-view modern-experience managed-navigation  
asked by SharePoint TestDev 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

"Invalid License Data. Reinstall is required" error when installing SharePoint 2013 after Sql Server 2012 on the same machine

I've already installed SQL Server 2012 on my machine. Then I tried to run the SharePoint 2013 Foundation installer but I received the following error before I even reached the splash screen menu: ...

2013 sharepoint-foundation visual-studio sql-server  
asked by skeletank 5 votes
answered by skeletank 11 votes

Change Title (linked to item with edit menu) to different column

How can I change the column in a SharePoint list that has the link to the item and the link to the item with edit menu eg: Title (linked to item) Title (linked to item with edit menu) I want to have ...

list column site-column title-column  
asked by Carel 40 votes
answered by Carel 35 votes

List all Site Collections in a Farm

I want to be able to see the number, names, url of all site collections there are in a given farm. Would there be a powershell command to do that?

powershell site-collection  
asked by Regmi 12 votes
answered by Eric Alexander 7 votes

Sharepoint 2013 extremely slow

We have an new sharepoint 2013 site, Server Virtual and standalone , it has 12 gb ram. This sharepoint user interface extremely slow. In Developer Dashboard we see each aspx page requests waiting ...

2013 performance virtual-machine  
asked by Sefer KILIÇ 29 votes
answered by Thomas Balkeståhl 23 votes

New List Item - How can I change the order of fields in the form?

I need to change the order in which some fields appear on the new list item form for one of my custom lists. Regardless of the ordering in the view I have selected, the fields always seem to appear ...

sharepoint-online list-form  
asked by Ben 25 votes
answered by hupseb 10 votes

Using calculated field to retrieve substring of another field

Suppose I have a field that contain the following data: ========================== | Email Address | ========================== | | | | | ...

sharepoint-enterprise calculated-column  
asked by Jack 17 votes
answered by Deepu Nair 21 votes

Content Editor Web Part missing in Office 365 Dev

I set up an office 365 developer account and I;m trying to add a CEWP to the page. I can't find the CEWP anywhere. I've enabled publishing to see if that was the issue but it didn't help. Not sure ...

office-365 cewp  
asked by Batman 8 votes
answered by Batman 10 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How i can set default values to the root folders themselvs, using the "Column default value settings"

I am working on a document library inside a modern team site collection, and i have added 5 managed metadata site columns to the document library. Then using the "Column default value settings" i set ...

sharepoint-online list document-library default-value root  
asked by SharePoint TestDev 1 vote

How to use currentCultureName in place of currentUICultureName for locale files spfx

We have a site with variations in SP2016, the display language is in "es-es" but the variation language is "en-us". We add a webpart of spfx with locale resources for translate constants texts, and ...

spfx language string  
asked by Jesus Ken 1 vote

Is it possible to customize hub site programatically?

Is it possible to customize hub site programmatically using SPFx solution? My intention to ask this question was, i want to completely customize the menu with some images for every sublink. This is ...

spfx hub-site  
asked by Mihir 1 vote
answered by Rob Windsor 0 votes
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