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trying to learn.. but that doesn't mean I can't talk.

comment Sharepoint Designer 2010 - Workflow Send Email to “BCC” without “To” field
Yep, we've registered a dummy email account for that. thanks.
comment SharePoint Search permissions for users and admins
It's a good question, I don't know that. I suggested the recrawl operation in case of the "secured page" he mentioned is not in the search results because of a lack of crawl not the permission!
comment Does Timer Job Waits for the Operation To Complete
So, the interval is starts after the execution completed, right? Or is there a queue that sp holds? Like, since 10mins passed, the job should've ran 3 times in that period and after the first execution completes the job will run two more times and therefore goes for an infinite loop? I'm sure that will not happen but I said, I'm just curious. Anyone with the detailed knowledge is highly appreciated!