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An Englishman who lives in Sweden. I work at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. I work with C# a fair bit, do some simple work with SQL Server... am currently developing my skills in GIS and ASP.NET MVC4.

comment Form won't open in Sharepoint Designer
Hi. I'm now working on this project at the moment, but would be interested in seeing if the problem can be solved. As for exporting the page so I can open it in notepad, I'm not sure how I can do this. I don't have server-side access and I'm not sure how I can get the file in Notepad.
comment Automatically going from List 'new item' page to 'edit item' page
The current solution I've used is to hop to a separate page which runs a CAML query to find the new list items ID and open it from there.
comment Can I use javascript to determine if a list item has a related item or not?
I actually just wrote against the built-in SP web services in the end. But I'll check out the SPServices library. Thanks!
comment How simply can I populate a string in a list with a GUID value?
Good suggestions, although as you say the first isn't really GUID. The web service idea isn't terrible either. But I'm hoping to find a simpler method.
comment Want to set a List's FormField value via Javascript, but how do I identify the textbox?
I had tried the textarea version without success and was starting to wonder. I checked the properties of the field and it was set as being able to handle Rich Text (which I don't need). So I set it to just plain text and now it works. Thanks!
comment Want to set a List's FormField value via Javascript, but how do I identify the textbox?
Really quite close here. This works for things like single lines and numbers, but not for the field I'm using which is a "Multiple lines of text" type. Does that make a difference?
comment Making items in a custom list form “clickable”
Thanks! The change I made was just to give: <FieldRef Name="Action" LinkToItem="True"/> and that seemed to work.