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Senior SharePoint and Business Intelligence Consultant for Intelligent Decisioning Ltd, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner based in Nottingham UK specialising in SharePoint, CRM and Workflow.

I'm experienced with WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007, SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), MDX Scripting, Workflow & WCF.

I'm certified to MCPD SharePoint 2010 Dev, and MCTS WSS & MOSS Config

I spend way too much time online.

comment The referenced file is not allowed on this page O365 Sharepoint
Yes I had this when opening the file from visual studio. My solution was to stop doing that because it just became annoying xD
comment Reading SharePoint Document Library File names using CSOM
You need a recursive method. It returns void and takes in a Folder parameter. You do your work on the parameter being passed in. You then need to load and ExecuteQuery on the Folders property. You then do a foreach over the Folders property, and within that you call the method that you're in, passing in the current iterator. To see example code of this, see here: pastebin.com/Vac3zyF8
comment GetAvailablePageLayouts complains of parent site
I reference "two instances" of PublishingWeb, I actually think this could happen if you create a PublishingWeb to a site collection that is different to HttpContext.Current. Either way, it breaks it somehow, so just set to null whilst you do your shizz then set it back.
comment SharePoint 2013 - Save Conflict
Please include the gist of your post incase the link dies one day. Other readers: basically re-get the item by its ID.
comment How to check username/accountname under which the code runs?
(Jumping on an old thread) - Because WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent() reflects the app pool and not the actual thread of the user's request - use Thread.CurrentPrincipal.Identity.Name for this.
comment SharePoint designer is showing “Server error: this file may not be moved, deleted, renamed or otherwise edited”
That is correct - you do not modify the .masterpage if it has an associated .html file. It is intended that you modify the .html file instead when using this model. If you do not wish to use this model, do not copy & paste one of the OOTB masterpage files in 2013, and use a minimal master template from somewhere like Randy Drisgill's blog.
comment Web part mysteriously prevents saving edits to webpart-page
Do you have a custom tool part in your web part?
comment Create list using C# CSOM in a subsite on Office SharePoint O365
What permission set do you have in your app's manifest?
comment Central admin has <> less than and greater than tags on top of navigation menu?
I've noticed this too. Think it's a bug myself.
comment System.Web.HttpException: Request timed out
Whoa, this is old. For future readers: to avoid the "Panic before w3wp bails", go to IIS, find your App Pool, and set "Ping Enabled" to False - this will prevent timing out when debugging.
comment Get list ID and selected item ID
This code effectively replaces all of your code, if you want the selected items.
comment How can I configure x-frame-options: allow-from on my sharepoint installation?
iframe options aren't set in IIS, they're set in the SharePoint HttpModule, you can't do anything specifically in IIS to switch it off.
comment How to get list by url using client object model?
Indeed (I found this in a fleeting search), but it wouldn't take much to re-write it to Javascript, only adding an async callback. All the objects are the same.
comment Programmatically inserting an image in an Infopath form
This MSDN article should help: msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/wkze6zky.aspx - look for System.Xml.dll when adding the reference, then the XmlNamespaceManager shoudl resolve in the above sample code.
comment Programmatically inserting an image in an Infopath form
This code works outside InfoPath fine, I've used it. You just need to add the missing references to your ASP.NET project. XmlNamespaceManager is within System.Xml.dll, for example.
comment Programmatically inserting an image in an Infopath form
That's pretty clever. I don't know about the Picture component in InfoPath, but if it's anything like the Attachment component, the image and it's filename are combined and Base64'd, and Microsoft has code to work with them: support.microsoft.com/kb/2517906
comment Programmatically inserting an image in an Infopath form
How are you creating the forms programmatically? What method? Have you tried a byte array, or a base64 encoded string?
comment SPSite.allwebs returns error
Just had the same issue, the third bullet here worked for me.
comment In One Public Site on Sharepoint 2013 I don't see a lot of applications
Specifically, look for one called "Team Collaboration Lists", which may be listed as "Listy pracy zespołowej".
comment Any way I can add “Orange” theme or composed look within onet.xml or feature staple, office 365?
Btw, that screenshot above of "Change the Look" isn't from the Thmx engine, those are Composed Looks.