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comment SharePoint Bug? Conflict Error when saving a Page with a “Required” DateTime field in the page layout
I've just spent hours investigating the very same behavior. We recently installed the October CU, and got the error thereafter. Which version of SharePoint are you running? However, we also deployed a lot of custom changes as well, so It's difficult to trace the source of the problem. Do you have any custom event receivers? If you do, make sure you don't update the fields in the ItemUpdating event. And @Steve, If you resolved this, please post your answer. :)
comment What's the fastest way to develop custom native-looking SharePoint pages?
I think you're using the correct approach already. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there are few shortcuts to styling SharePoint at all. You have to live with legacy html, sealed and obfuscated code, and a lack in use of standards.
comment Change the title of the web part
I agree with Gintas K. Showing a welcome message in the webpart is better than changing the title of the webpart on every page load. How you want to display that welcome is up to you, but Gintas example works just fine. =)
comment Managed Metadata and the client OM
This helped me a lot, even though some tweaks was needed to make it work in SharePoint 2013. For example the TaxonomywebserviceSoapClient seem to have changed name to Taxonomywebservice.
comment Declarative OnQuickLaunch property not working in SharePoint 2013
As it turned out, neither was I. My guess is that it is a new bug for SP2013, or simply a bad decision on Microsofts part. We ended up setting the property in code in a feature receiver after the list was created.
comment How do I remove all users from an SPGroup object?
Neat, was looking for this. I was afraid that this would in fact skip every other user due to the indexes changing as users get removed, as is the situation when removing groups for example. Tried it, and it worked fine. Nice solution Anatoly. =)