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comment How to read the search results by the Search Rest Api XML
Very good tool, helps reading results and crafting queries.
comment Programatically Applying Theme (spcolor) takes too long
I mean, you put all your CSS changes necessary into a single file, and apply that using the alternate CSS link. If your theme contained a custom CSS file and you had an additional CSS file on top of that, merge them into a single file, and apply that to the site using Alternate CSS in the Masterpage settings and don't use a theme at all.
comment Search results are different between anonymous users and authenticated users?
Security? Do the anon users have read access to everything in the farm? If not, the trimmer is going to remove documents from the results they shouldn't see.
comment Permissions over publishing pages
Restricted readers should be able to view the page so long as it is published and approved and any related assets are checked in as majjor versions, published, and approved, like CSS, Images, even the page layout itself.
comment Search filters for a external list in SharePoint 2013?
Can you detail this a little bit more?
comment Programatically Applying Theme (spcolor) takes too long
Couldn't you combine all your classes into your custom_styles.css file and in the RootWeb, use that as the Alternate CSS link and push it down to all subsites? I'm doing that in a SPO site collection to standardize the width of the global nav hovers, just not doing it programmatically.
comment When we have O365 - is there actually a need for a inhouse server for documentstorage?
You might still need in house file servers or file servers in Azure. Depending on your organizations size, you aren't going to have enough SharePoint Online space to justify shutting down 2 file servers. You could move the files needing to be accessed anywhere to SharePoint Online and the rest stay local.
comment SharePoint User removal procedures and policies
@DanHenderson yes there is that expectation in most places, but how often do those notices get to people in positions that administer SharePoint spaces? The expectation is that people would remove users, the reality is they don't for the most part.
comment How to use “Title” Managed Property as sortable + Searchable in CSWP results in SharePoint Online
So Wouldn't you use Title in the search query and then set the sort order to RefinableString00?
comment Sharepoint large document library - best practise
It is the only realistic way to get to the 30 million document level. They aren't bad, they can be used wisely with default column metadata to achieve the best of both worlds.
comment Advantages of Sharepoint vs other ECM software?
To piggy back off of the O365 suggestion, Nintex offers an app that is reasonably priced per user if you are looking for complex workflows outside of what SharePoint Designer might offer you.
comment Referenicng a single user on an active directoy group inside People or group colum
you can't afaik, it will not enumerate the membership of an AD group, you have to list them out individually.
comment Calculated Issue
cursory glance indicates you are missing a closing paren after [CTC Source], would need to double check the reference information,…. Otherwise start breaking it apart in pieces and add little bit more at a time.
comment Calculated Issue
and what is this outputting?
comment Use site column (metadata) as search criteria in the out of box search box in sharepoint 2010
That should work, have the items been crawled by the search service since setting up the column and setting a value?
comment Restricted Read Access Problems
Or any other unpublished assets like CSS, scripts, or images.
comment Calculated Number of Days based on Today
Just note though, the calculated fields are not going to auto adjust every day. They are static until someone edits the list item, or there are background processes doing nightly SystemUpdate() operations.
comment SharePoint User removal procedures and policies
I consider it to only be an issue if you aren't using AD (forms based auth) or there's a billing component necessary to clean up the users.
comment Best approach to have users that can add/edit/view but cannot delete items
Yes, that is correct and is the standard approach.
comment Looking for 3rd party rich html editor
TinyMCE is good, I've used that before.