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I am a developer: I love to code! Particular areas of interest:

  • C#: with its mixed OO and functional concepts, it is a joy to use
  • Windows internals...
  • ...and linked to that, debugging! At any level
  • Programming languages specifics
  • Low-level programming (C/C++), especially in Windows
  • LINQ
  • Runtime code generation and manipulation
  • Concurrency in .NET
  • ASP.NET MVC with Razor
  • WPF/Silverlight

In my spare time, I like to spend time with my wife and family, take pictures with my Nikon, and fix my old BMW

comment How do I deploy the new version of a webpart?
My dlls are right as well, is the html which is "old". Well, not event the "html", but the support files. They are NOT what is found under "Web Server Extensions\14\..." Does IIS copy them somewhere?
comment How do I deploy the new version of a webpart?
Same here, and I deployed the webpart in a solution (wsp)using powershell.. I did everyting, from resetting iis to physically rebooting the servere. The DLLs are correct, the other files (resources, aspx, js) are the old ones.. Where the heck is IIS taking them from?
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