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comment How do I delete closed web parts from a page?
This is my last resort option because it's tedious - you have to add the web part back to the page before you can delete it, and you can only add one web part at a time (for 2007 anyway). Plus, when you're using this method you have the possibility of confusing the users if they access the page while you're doing this. It does the job though when everything else fails for one reason or another.
comment User Accounts Disappearing From SP Groups
I escalated to Microsoft, and they were not able to find a solution. At this point I've given up. I've been performing my stsadm exports without including user security, and that seems to have minimized the recurrence.
comment How to limit a Data View Web Part to 1 Item Per (Most Recent)?
I don't believe so. The project has gone stale due to time constraints so I haven't looked into it too much further.
comment how do I Display Author picture in Sharepoint Blog
What version of SharePoint?
comment User Accounts Disappearing From SP Groups
Right. As I stated in my question, I am 1 of 2 site collection admins. I am the primary point of contact for our division's site collection, so all support requests go through me. The corporate-level support group does not get involved in our site collection unless they receive a request from myself or my boss, so I'm fairly certain that no one has modified the user group that I locked down for testing that theory. Thank you for being thorough though.
comment User Accounts Disappearing From SP Groups
Unfortunately that does not appear to be the case as I had stated in my post. I've been reviewing the logs and there are no records of these people being removed from their user groups. In addition, one of the instances had the user account removed from a group that only I had the ability to modify the group membership. Side note: I do see in the logs where I've added them back.
comment Sharepoint 2007 farm performance goes down?
That's an awful lot of data & time to index. From the looks of things, you need a dedicated Index server, and a dedicated Query server. When you say that you stopped search entirely, I'm assuming that the server is also no longer indexing as well?
comment Complex DVWP Display of Multiple Lists
Thanks so much :)