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I'd almost forget about this problem, but accidently I'd found the way to solve it. The main difference between SP2013 and SP2010 - is javascript rendering! In 2013 - javascript is everywhere, and XsltListViewWebParts (classic list view) by default are rendering on client too. That's why Xslt-transformations for header working, but not visible! To see it, ...


This is because of the comment right above the portion you edited: <!-- warning: this code has optimization in webpart. Change it must change the webpart code too!-->. That exact part of fldtypes.xsl is actually overriden by C# code. You can confirm that by looking (with Reflector, ILSPy, JustDecompile, dotPeek or else) at ...


This is a third party tailored made solution, exactly what I was looking for: I hope it can help somebody else !!

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