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I'm not yet allowed to create a comment, that's why I have to write my comment as an answer (I'm sorry for that). Wanted to inform you guys, that I had a problem, when just removing the ViewGuid property value. I then ended up with a corrupt view (link "new discussion" disappeared from listviewwebpart in my case). Removing the SaveChanges did the fix for mee ...


First create the list you are trying to reference in the feature receiver that you added to your onet.xml file. Then create the list view web part as you have done in your onet.xml. This will result in your list being there when you are trying to reference it by creating the list view web part.


Removing the call to SPLimitedWebPartManager.SaveChanges fixes it, but I can find no way of using SPLimitedWebPartManager.MoveWebPart anymore - since it requires SaveChanges to be called for it to work. There was not a problem in my code in SP2010, nor SP2013; until SP1 was installed.

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