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Good grief, adding basic data should not be this confusing. By inserting the data view two different ways, I had two different results with missing options. One way that I added the data view resulted in a Xslt List View Web Part, another way resulted in a Data Form Web Part. The options for filtering would never show with the Xslt List View. The working ...


Hi how about you disabling the list throttle for those list that exceed the limit. You could disable it using following powershell script snippet $web = Get-SPWeb http://myserver $list = $web.Lists["MyCustomList"] $list.EnableThrottling = $false


It should work if you selected the field type as Hyperlink or Picture and selected the option, 'Picture'


I experienced this and unfortunately this is OOTB behaviour for views that are not "Subject". For example, if you view the "Management" view, you'll see the same thing. I resolved it by overwriting the "onclick" function and redirecting it to the correct page. Each link has an onclick event which calls "EnterFolder". I used JavaScript to override this ...

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