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I am using Fiddler (listening on port 8888) together with this code: clientContext.ExecutingWebRequest += (sen, args) => { var proxy = new System.Net.WebProxy { Address = new Uri("http://localhost:8888"), //Credentials = new ...


There is an XML type in PowerShell. Exploring XML Document by Using the [XML] Type Accelerator Define $a as [XML]$a = $item["XMLField"]; Now you would be able to lookup set the value of NodeImLookingFor as $a.NodeImLookingFor = "New Value"; Regards


There no higher site collection in SharePoint. Maybe you mean web in higher level. In SharePoint 2010 one of the ways to do it is to create site column in root web: http://bramnuyts.be/en/2011/04/11/creating-a-cross-site-lookup-field-without-code/

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