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Whilst there might be built in functionality to accomplish this, I ended up doing the following: Inserted a second web-part into the form - in particular an HTML Form WebPart, which allows for arbitrary HTML tags, including JavaScript, to execute. Wrote a wrapper around the MS Save buttons to hide them and display another button in their place styled more ...


according to MS, ImageURL is Optional Text. Specifies a virtual server relative link to an image that presents an icon for the item. which means you should probably start with ImageURL="/myPics/myIcon.ico" or ImageUrl="/_layouts/images/workflows.gif" as already stated, try to use an ootb icon so that you can troubleshoot not the image format ...


You are missing "FormatDateTime". In my case would be: ddwrt:FormatDateTime(string(ddwrt:Today()),1033,'dd') This link may be helpful too: Custom Date and Time Format Strings I hope this helps.


Lol good answer! Placing these items in your call filter returns a more sorted and distinct view. Also reduces overhead


(I'm going to go ahead and be a capricious jerk and answer my own question before anyone else gets a chance.) I need to have both the property set to true, and a Field ref to MetaInfo to see the MetaInfo field broken up and still filter out extranious other fields. Like this: <ViewFields Properties="True"> <FieldRef Name='MetaInfo' /> ...

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