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You can write a workflow that runs on edit, pauses 24 hours, check conditions, and send a reminder. Then reset a flag which "edits" the item, relaunching the workflow. It's not the most reliable method, and you don't want to do this if you'll have large numbers of items this is running on. But with wss 3.0 you're fairly limited.


In the edit form you could hide the "Change content type" selector - it would not be completely bullit proof, but from my experience it Works quite well. Each content type has a different url when you create them, so you're pretty covered there.


I think workflow is not a good option. You can do it with code. Without code you can do that: Create three fields instead of one Asign each field to each content type For instance: field 1 to content type 1, field 2 to CT2, field 3 to CT3.


This was a typo on my part. I was not putting the ContentType field into the pairs array as an array itself. The right way: pairs.push(['ContentType', this.get('contentTypeIdName')]); The wrong way (and how I was doing it): pairs.push('ContentType', this.get('contentTypeIdName'));

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