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Alex, I think it's going to depend on when you need the recurring task to execute. If you're okay with it running on a timescale (e.g. hourly, daily, etc), you can use Timer jobs. If you need to be based on an activity (e.g. list item updates), then you'll need go with a workflow or event receiver. For a daily recurring task, you can go with a single Timer ...


It does not look like you can. You have to specify the group/person that would happen to be the Site Owner. For example. If you had an HR page and the Site Owner is the HR Site Owners Group, then in the workflow you would have to specify HR Site Owners Group. This makes it a pain to create workflows form templates.


I know this is an old thread, but after spending a good while looking about I found an OOTB SharePoint Designer 2010 solution for this problem. To move a document to a different folder create an SPD2010 workflow and use the Update Item action to change the path and name of the document. After inserting the update list item action click on the "this list" ...

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