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Instead of using Update item, use Set field in Current Item. In my experiences, the action "Update item" will trigger, which is essentially starting another workflow. This ghost resending of tasks may be the other workflow coming up behind you and finishing out its actions.


We were facing the same issue, we solved this by changing the following parameters (Power Shell). In our case, it was caused by very large workflows processing in parallel. ServiceBusTopicSizeQuotaInBytes: Set-WFServiceConfiguration -ServiceUri "https://workflow-service-url:12290" -Name ServiceBusTopicSizeQuotaInBytes -Value 18737418240 ...


I had the same problem and I've found a solution. It's a tricky one, but it works. You can do that with Designer in your workflow. What you have to do is: Test if a field of your element of list A is different than the same field of the element of list B (e.g Title field - maybe it doesn't exist yet, that's why it's tricky), Do your stuff if it's true, if ...

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