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Did you try to send your request to e.g. http://requestb.in/ to see if it looks the way it should?


The effect of a lot of paused workflows are almost non-existing. So you shouldn't worry about that. But you should ALWAYS code your workflows such that they can be restarted on the same item and behave correctly (otherwise you won't be able to change them). With that in mind I'd suggest that in your scenario you just end your workflow unless you have a ...


Event Viewer, but: By default the Analytic and debug log for workflow manager is disabled. You can enable the event viewer and see what’s going on under the hood. You can find out details on how to enable the event viewer in Analyzing Workflow Management Logs in Workflow Manager 1.0 Also more information about Debugging SharePoint Server 2013 ...


This is because SharePoint 2013 Workflows are hosted on Workflow Manager. So you need to add a new workflow subscription to Workflow Manager. I found the following articular useful to workout how to do this. Although this uses the CSOM rather than PowerShell. Working with the SharePoint 2013 Workflow Services Client Side Object Model Here is a ...

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