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I'd create an on creation workflow that does: Add time to date, -2 days from the current item, date field. This is stored as a variable for you. pause until the variable date if current item status is not complete, send email, else end the workflow This assumes you have some sort of status column that tracks the progress of the item. If you have a ...


Does it continue, using the updated date? Depending on your workflow, it could cancel altogether, but usually it will use the new updated value. Does it continue, using the old date? See above. Assuming either of the previous is true, is a new workflow spawned upon change? Depending on your workflow this can happen, but most users only trigger workflows ...


You can easily do so in SharePoint Designer workflow and check if the field contains data or not, you can then build a string in the designer calculated from all other fields and set the value for your field with your string. So yes that's doable.


In such cases it's better to use custom activities in Sharepoint Designer that allow you to implement business process you need. There are 2 ways of how to do it: 1. Code your own workflow activities using Visual Studio or 2. Use any of 3-rd party ready to use workflow activities for Sharepoint Designer. The one I've seen is Virto Sharepoint Workflow ...

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