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I wouldn't do this with workflow, I would do this in a PowerShell script that runs on the server, set it up in a Task Scheduler, and let it run every Monday. The script would kick off the workflow that you want, or alternatively use the PowerShell script to compile and send the email instead of the workflow.


The OOTB way to do this would be to create your workflow as you want it and add a stage at the end. In this stage put in a Pause action. You can set this for 7 day (or 168 hours). For your Transition to stage, have it redirect back up to the first stage. The downside of this would be that you have to manually start it that first time on Monday. It would ...


not sure what happened, but I had to delete the "Get an item from a dictionary" action items and re-insert new ones and that fixed the problem. Buggy SP Designer wasted my two days :( This is what the path for the dictionary item looked like in that action item: ([%Variable:index%])/MyNumricListColumn All this time I made sure that the local variable [%...

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