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Are you looking for Workflow Context:Current User? On the collect data from user, click this user and select Workflow Lookup for a user and then set Workflow Context and Current User, unless this is triggered off an item create/change then you could use the Current Item Created By or Modified By from that window instead.


First off what SharePoint are you using? With SharePoint 2010 and up you can do the following: You trigger the event in the workflow and then send a mail. In the To set whoever. in the CC you can use workflow lookup current item and choose add recipients witch I understand as a field in your list. Your question is very hard to understand. Hope this ...


From the information provided in your post I see that you developed your solution on a version of SharePoint which is newer than the version of SharePoint used on production environment. IMO, this is a bad practice if you don't plan to upgrade the production environment, because who knows what has changed between two builds of SharePoint. If I was you, I ...


works when the field is set to ID instead


This action is not aviabale for sharepoint 2013 designer. Copy List Item (SharePoint Designer 2013 supports only the document-copying action.) Check this ArticleDiscontinued features in SharePoint Designer 2013


In the lookup you should select DataSource = Task List Once you select that you will get extra fields at the bottom Select Field from source = Task Comments Return field as string Find the list item : Field = Task ID Value = Workflow variable task id

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