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A little late to the party but I'll write this anyway... It is possible. It just needs the Manual InitiationType on the workflow to enable initialisation from Office. See this article


You can put Iframe on your web part and assign document url to iframe url, or you can setup office app web server and you can display word as noraml on the browser by using this event when use click on the document onclick="return ...


One option is to Save the word document as an HTML file. Then upload the file into a document library. Then use Page Viewer Webpart to display it.


Its not possible also workflow is not a best solution for this scenario. You need to create a custom SharePoint timer job and have it run on a weekly basis. In the timer job solution, You can use C# and Open XML or office dll's to generate the custom word document based on the list fields. you can refer the below links for better understanding: Open XML ...

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