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Solved by deleting c:\user\USERNAME\appdata\local\microsoft\office\termstores


I dont think, if there is any tool or way to edit a word file. Your requirement is Open the Word document and compress the images and re-upload it. If possible then i would create new documents with proper way. if not then download and edit them.


I dealt with this a while ago and found that it is an issue that has no real fix. For me, the hyperlinks worked when I was in Internet Explorer but not in Chrome, so I installed the IETab application (and instructed other end users to install and use it as well). Using that allowed the hyperlinks to work in the Word web app while browsing in Chrome.


Yes you can, but it's not user friendly. It's a good method if your looking to create a Record of an InfoPath form to a Records management system. Follow these steps: Open your InfoPath form in Design view Copy your main view and Create a New View (call it Record) Save and publish your form Export the Source Files into a folder on your desktop Delete all ...

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