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Follow the steps... Check out the word document in SharePoint. Open the document in MS-Word for editing. Modify the document and go to File TAB. There you will find "Check In" & "Discard Check Out" buttons.


a. Create a new Permission Level copied from "Read" permission b. Remove "View Versions" option from the new permission level c. Set that new permission level to the users or groups Following are the steps... Go to the Site Collection > Top level Site > Site Settings > Site Permissions Click on "Permission Levels" from Ribbon > Permission Tools > Manage ...


I share you pain as I am having similar issues. I recreated the Document Information Panel Content Type -> settings -> Document Info Panel .. Which opens up the InfoPath designer I had to upgrade the data connection as I got a warning about an older version . Keep the _List but you can modify its values so that it brings inc your lookup list IF field ...


I am not quite following you, but what you want may be achievable without code. Library A - Department Reports Create multi-line columns that will contain the information that needs to be shared. Upload a document template that uses quickparts to link the word inputs to the columns Create a workflow that creates or updates the relevant inputs from ...


Follow tutorial to configure in browser: https://wikis.utexas.edu/display/sharepoint/Automatic+Logins+-+Internet+Explorer tell me if this resolved or no. Thanks.

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