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You most only have a single profile for any one individual. SharePoint sees the identity as two different users, and they cannot be 'merged' together. If you are unable to switch to a single provider for all Web Applications/users, you may want to look at one UPA Service Application per Web Application. To give you an example, you may have a user come ...


It turns out that some permissions on the User Profile Service Application were missing for the ADFS users.


I've always found a quick glance into the Authentication settings in IIS gives a clue to whether basic authentication is being used or not...


You have a couple of options: If your users log into their machines with domain credentials, you can add * to the Local Intranet Zone in IE. This will work for IE and Chrome, but not Firefox. You can implement a Single Sign On service. ADFS 3.0 provides this functionality, and can be used in conjunction with Web Application Proxy. With ADFS ...

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