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The default settings for navigation using metadata tags is to create a "friendly url" that one will be directed to when you click on the tag from the navigation bar. But because the page is not created yet, the site will show the "page does not exist" template. To display pages that are associated to the term is something I am trying to figure out too, ...


I had the same problem but I just found out how! I'm using SharePoint 2013, and doing this on an enterprise wiki site. Site settings > term store management tool > find your categories in the left column (mine was all the way at the end, in the site collection folder) When you hover/click on the term, there should be a triangle that allows you to drop ...


You should select the view as "Full list view" in view section. This enable all the collumn in the list. Hope this help. Below is the screen shot


It all depends on how you want to organize content so users can find things in SharePoint. For what its worth a wiki page is simply for content and can be used for the home page of your site. I like to think its similar to Wikipedia where there are key words that can be turned into new pages when you add double brackets onto them. Here is more info on Wiki ...

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