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It all depends on how you want to organize content so users can find things in SharePoint. For what its worth a wiki page is simply for content and can be used for the home page of your site. I like to think its similar to Wikipedia where there are key words that can be turned into new pages when you add double brackets onto them. Here is more info on Wiki ...


This would best be accomplished using a Page Viewer web part. Simply set the page viewer web part's properties such that it displays the document set welcome page for the desired document set.


I understand that you want to migrate enterprise wiki site to a standard team site. As far as I know , there are no PowerShell script which can achieve this. When use Import-SPWeb command, The site or subsite that you are importing must have a template that matches the template of the site specified by Identity. You can get the difference between both from ...


You can use Excel Service to publish your csv into SharePoint and will render I believe to the way your like. This should be working for SP 2010 and 2013 at least

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