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No, you should not have to activate any service or anything. I saw one of your other questions from earlier, and it seems you were instructed to use copy.asmx and you yourself had found lists.asmx. However, you have tagged this question with 2013, and if that is the case, I would highly recommend not using lists.asmx etc. and instead use the REST API. ...


For Authentication you can use Authentication.Login method. This accepts a username and password Detailed web service references is available in The webservice URL remains constant and only the web ...


If you want to upload documents to a document library use the "copy.asmx" service instead of lists.asmx Reference links below Copy webservice Copy and Sp webservice


Once the changes are retrieved via GetChanges method, the first step would be to determine changes that corresponds to a File object type: var changes = ctx.Site.GetChanges(new ChangeQuery(true, true)); //all changes ctx.Load(changes); ctx.ExecuteQuery(); foreach (var change in changes) { var changeFile = change as ChangeFile; if (changeFile !=...


Use SVC to get count https://<site>.com/<subsites>/_vti_bin/ListData.svc/<ListTitle>/$count

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