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Item can be created by calling REST service API from SharePoint workflow.SharePoint workflow provide various actions like call,Build etc. Build action is used to call your REST service API. Call action calls the REST service and execute the action that you have given into REST API. Please look at this Rest call using SharePoint workflow for reference ...


You can also avoid this by just putting ?WSDL on the end of the subset service URL and not change the url of the WebServiceProxy


Found my Problem: Useing type instead of Type which gave weird errors which made me believe that filtering useing this method of caml wasn't possible, because when it didn't gave errors it just ignored the filters. There should really be better error message descriptions (Especially since I get german one's) var caml = ...


You have to log in to target site manually, with that service account. Seems like the client just can not login to the site at the first time.

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