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No, the best you could do I believe is to create your own workflow action that would introduce your own business logic that you could then call in your workflow. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/13604.sharepoint-2010-create-a-workflow-activity-using-visual-studio-2010.aspx


Actually there are two errors: Looking up "by value" (without the LookupId="True" attribute) needs me to pass only the value of the field referenced/show; in other words the value right of the ;#: <Query> <Where> <Eq> <FieldRef Name="Contrato"/> <Value Type="Lookup">ABAP14</Value> </Eq> ...


You can check the permissions of a user using the 'DoesUserHavePermissions' method. See code sample below. However in order to return all the sites you need to loop over all the sites and site collections. This is very resource intensive! I would not recommend it on a webpage or when the code will execute a lot. On a webpage you risk getting slow page ...


Yes, you can do this using posting SOAP messages to the web service using HttpClient object (MSDN for HttpClient). You can look here in the answer http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14336414/httpclient-soap-c. It shows how to make a SOAP web service call using C#. On the other hand if your're using SharePoint 2013 you should know, that SOAP Web Services is ...

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