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Create EndPoint workflow variable with value [%Workflow_Context:Current Site URL%]]/_api/Web/SiteUserInfoList/items?$filter=(ID eq [%Workflow_Context:AssignedTo%]) Add Build dictionary action to get the the response in a JSON format you will have to update the Accept and Content-Type http headers of your Rest http call; more specifically: Accept : ...


The best way I could find to debug the SharePoint Web Proxy is to use an Azure API management gateway, configure that to point to the real resource, and then point the SharePoint Web Proxy to that gateway. Using that approach I was able to catch all the traffic on the other side of Sharepoint and figure out what its problem was.


The key differentiation I see between the provider hosted app and standard in browser stuff, is the provider hosted model gets you a slew of other capabilities. You are spinning up a web application in Azure or locally where you can write your own custom APIs to integrate into your own systems or other routine timer job type functions. Using the web layer ...

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