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Trick is to attach a JavaScript keyup event to the existing Searchbox for every ListItem (in this case above the Searchbox in the DOM, because events bubble up anyway) Each script can check against any content you can reference in a Calculated Column... that means no enumerables like Person fields or Multiple Select Choices. If you stuff it all in a ...


Check below:How To Validate File Names Of Attachments On SharePoint Forms How could we validate attachment file names and prohibit attachments having invalid names? We can use the same method as described in my former post. We should update our onAttachOKbuttonClicked method with the file name validations. The new version, including the duplicate check as ...


Change webPartManager.AddWebPart(oWebPart, "Right", 0); to webPartManager.AddWebPart(oWebPart, "Right", 1); and it should work. I faced a similar issue some time back, I have blogged about it here Web Parts not adding in proper order

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