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try this one go to the IIS Manager, Click on the Server and in the feautre pane select the configuration Editor On this page from drop down Exapand System.WebServer and Click on the StaticContent Now on in Action Tab(right hand side) Make Sure it say Lock Section if not then unlock it. Do this on all Servers and reset IIS. This link is basically go ...


I found out what the problem was. After checking the EventViewer (which is recommended) I found some exceptions related to my custom service service similar to "...more than one endpoints configured...". I therefore fixed my configuration by adding this: <webHttpBinding> <binding name="RestBinding"> <security mode="None" /> </...


First off, you do have access to Active Directory. Simply install the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC via Server Manager. Second, if you want to expose the entire domain, you simply put in: DC=domain,DC=com for both the Users and Groups.

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