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If you want to redirect to static HTML pages (hosted in a folder at the root of the Web Site in IIS), the following modifications in the web.config (under <configuration>/<system.webServer>) should do the trick for 404 an 500 errors: <httpErrors errorMode="Custom" existingResponse="Replace"> <remove statusCode="404" /> ...


I didn't found the solution but for dark reasons, it's working now. Howevever, I can tell that one of the procedures (or the combination of them), described in the body of my question, solved my issue. I think it's the part with the alternate access mapppings. In the "alternate access mappings collection" drowpdown list in the page with the same name, I ...


I normally debug by attaching w3wp process. If you try running solution from visual studio it tries to deploy solution on virtual IIS and load it from there. In case of SharePoint that will not work.

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