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Have you tried setting the welcome page from sharepoint ? It should work as well. Go to Site Settings - Welcome Page and set your welcome page URL.


Resolution : have site collection access, define a new level permission, test it, do a powershell script to copy/past it on each site collection.


Use ServerRelativeUrl, eq. /sites/site/libraryname/folder/filename.ext. Function returned File object.


If this is for SharePoint Online, then the easiest and only CSOM-free way would be foreach($site in $sites){set-spouser -Site $site -LoginName -IsSiteCollectionAdmin $true} Admin is not the same as Full Control, but does not require CSOM. If this is SharePoint on prem, then use this: $csv=import-csv C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\stack....


You might be victim of LoopBackCheck. Possible solutions: Bypassing your proxy server for local addresses (Source) Adding a team Web site to the list of trusted intranet sites (Source) SharePoint disable loopback check (DisableLoopbackCheck dword in registry)(Source) For me DisableLoopbackCheck worked.


Yes, but it depends on how you set up the environment. If the Hyper-V VM has full network access (that is, you can ping it from your client), and if you set up your Web Application to use the machine name of the VM, you can just go to http://machineName. Or, if you set up a specific hostname that is not the machine name, or a full FQDN, you can edit the ...

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