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Please install Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/somasegar/archive/2013/03/04/now-available-office-developer-tools-for-visual-studio-2012.aspx This will add missing project templates to VS 2012.


As per your Specification, your problem is SQL Server not the SP server. Extended web application can cause the load on the Server if you create a new app pool for it otherwise it is a website. 2GB for the SQL is nothing, you should increase the SQL memory at leaset 8GB( which is recommended for small farm). check this ...


Basically Web Applications run on the WFE server. Their are couple of ways to check it. Check the Alternate Access Mapping if you have the DNS for each web Application, then ping that DNS and it will give you the Ip of the server. ALos from Central Admin > Manage Server in farm, check which server is running the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web ...

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