Zones represent different logical paths (URLs) of gaining access to the same Web application. You can use zones to enforce different access and policy conditions for group of users.

Zones provide a method to partition users by:

  • Authentication type (ex: claims-based authentication, windows authentication)
  • Network zone (ex: extranet, Internet)
  • Policy permissions (ex: allow or deny read or write access)

Each Web application can have a maximum of 5 zones. The 5 possible zones are:

  • Default
  • Intranet
  • Internet
  • Custom
  • Extranet

When you create a Web application, the Default zone is created. You can then extend the Web application to create other zones.

Each zone can only be selected once per Web application. For example, you can only have one Default zone in a Web application.

Each zone is represented by a different Web site in IIS.

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