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You can create an Authoring Site and extend this site and create a public website. Check out Publishing and Content Deployment Check out this article as well. This is pretty old but you will get some ideas.


No, I would even advise to work with subsites to create your navigation structure. Using subsites, it's very easy to group information that belongs in one place, and provides even easier use to display context-sensitive content in a content by query webpart. It's also interesting to use for seo-purposes, because you can make site names descriptive for the ...


I believe it might be related to multiple aspects, such as which Content type is the default per each Pages library, to which of your library-scoped content types you added the columns, the actual page layout to which content type is associated, etc. I would suggest you follow: Create your own Content Types at the Site Collection level - inherit from ...


Not sure if you have been going through this but Waldek M. has a really nice write-up providing valuable hints on the subject, find it here http://blog.mastykarz.nl/conditional-content-mobile-devices-sharepoint-2010/ also check this for some more details http://www.bloggix.com/archive/2011/01/31/introduction-to-mobile-pages-in-sharepoint-2010/


I would recommend you to start with on how to create a Publishing page layouts and Content Types. Try packaging them with Master page and Branding using Visual Studio and you're good to go.


There are a number of reasons why you might need to create a custom provider. If you do create a custom provider, you will would need to add the security trimming on within your code. This is difficult, but not impossible. MSDN magazine recently had a pretty good overview implementation for a custom provider that leverages the term store to surface the ...


This question is really a general matter of design, and how you constrain users or authors. The requirement typically states that a "consistent" design will be provided by professional designers, and authors will slot content into that framework. In SharePoint, this is achieved by creating master pages and page layouts (publishing model) that limit what the ...

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