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You can try calling SQL using SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges. It should execute as app pool account.


Since you seem to get a lot of not so great answers on this question: You can not use the Server Object Model outside of the SharePoint farm. This means that you can not use the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll. Instead you need to use the Client Object Model (CSOM). So you need to convert your code (rewrite it) to CSOM and instead of the ...


You can,t use vs 2010 with SP 2013 because web part template in vs 2010 is mapped to 14 folder . But in SP 2013 we have 15 folder instead of 14, and vs 2012 is compatible with 15 folder. so you have two option now 1) Use vs 2012 2) change version to and .net version to 4.5 and other changes also required . Let me know if u have other ...


In you WCF service project in Visual Studio, click expand References in the project select the reference to Microsoft.SharePoint and open the Properties dialog and on the property Copy Local select True. Then the DLL will be included in the project when being built.


Since this popped up again being refreshed by Community account, I want to summarize the general idea of what you need to do: Workflow Side Use DynamicValue to represent a JSON object to be passed into a REST-service. Also, DynamicValue to receive return values from a REST-service. Use 'BuildDynamicValue' action to add properties to the DynamicValue ...

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