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Could you not use the built in sharepoint utility: SPUtility.SendEmail(SPContext.Current.Web, false, false, "ss@test.com", "subject", "body"); SPUtility.SendEmail Method


As it turns out this was the problem with SharePoint 2013 and update panel You can read about the exact problem and available workarounds in the following technet forum: ...


Found out: The exception was thrown at another place in code and i didn't saw it. A farm level feature responsible to write logging to event viewer was not activated.


Based on the comment, Exception arises when folder does not exit. So solution is following if (!System.IO.Directory.Exists(folderpath)) { SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges(delegate() { System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory(folderpath); } Needs to check the folder if it exists before writing ...


In case this works on your DEV machine, but not in other environments, ensure the folder exists on all WFE servers of the farm (if there are many), as the code may be executed on any of them.


To access SP.WebParts.WebPart Properties it need to be requested explicitly. In your example you could change the expression at the line: currentCtx.load(webPartDefs, 'Include(WebPart)'); with currentCtx.load(webPartDefs, 'Include(WebPart.Properties)'); Modified example var currentCtx = SP.ClientContext.get_current(); var pageFile = ...


You need to load webpart properties before you can read them. That is, var properties = webPart.get_properties(); currentCtx.load(properties); Then read the properties in success method. currentCtx.executeQueryAsync(...


Control Definition <Taxonomy:TaxonomyWebTaggingControl id="**txtFileType**" runat="server" IsAddTerms="True" IsDisplayPickerButton="True" AllowFillIn="false"> How to call from javascript var txtFileType = GetTerm("txtFileType"); Javascript function function GetTerm(controlname) { var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName('span'); for ...

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