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I had same problem. It seems like xxxx.ascx.g.cs file was deleted. I just renamed the webpart like originalname to originalname2 then ascx.g.cs file was created by itself again and problem was gone. Then I renamed file name back to the original name.


It is worth checking if IE is running in Standards mode in one environment and in compatibility mode in the other. This can be set by a group policy based on the site's URL. Click F12 to bring up the developer tools and make sure that both of them are set to the same emulation. The interface is different depending on the version of IE, but for example: ...


When attempting to troubleshoot something like this, remember that F12 is your friend. The CSS tab of most browser debuggers - IE, Chrome, Firefox - will allow you to select an element on the screen and see all CSS affecting it. In the case you describe, the menu element or one of its parent containers is being overridden by a style from one of the following ...

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