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There's not a huge difference for all of them. 3 out of 4 of them are server-side controls. And the SharePoint:InputFormTextBox and wssawc:InputFormTextBox are the exact same, only the prefix namespace (i.e. SharePoint, wssawc) is the difference. SharePoint/wssawc:InputFormTextBox has built-in co-operative field validation, the others don't. That's the ...


I am going to go ahead an answer this to save some poor soul in the future. The problem was with the App Manifest file. I had the Permissions => Scope set to Site Collection. This needs to be changed to 'Web'.


You have to store a string that serializes all your values. Obviously, since the string has now a special meaning, WebBrowsable only won(t do the magic to translate it into a nice selection UI. To handle the UI to display/set values in this string, you'll need to develop your own Tool part. You'll find a lot of examples on the Web, e.g.: ...


Adding attachments to list items is completely different than uploading files to a doc lib. You first need to get a reference to the SPPListItem you want to attach to, and then you use myListItem.Attachments.Add. Here's a sample of code that may help you: it attaches multiple files (from local drive instead than from the UplaodFile control, but the story is ...

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