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Yes, one can install and develop apps with Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 on Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012. http://nakedalm.com/installing-visual-studio-2010-on-windows-8/ http://superuser.com/questions/634400/windows-server-2012-sql-server-2012-and-net-framework-4-0


It looks like you're never using ko.applyBindings which will get your markup and javascript talking. You don't really need the reference to context or user since your view model seems to rely on REST. I would just use a jQuery ready somewhere in your file and call applyBindings and instantiate a new view model: $(function() { ko.applyBindings(new ...


The answer is silly and makes me feel silly. This comes from me being more of a developer than an administrator in a large enough environment where those roles are separate. It comes down to how Visual Studio deploys SP2013 projects. In this case, there doesn't appear to be a place to explicitly state the Compatibility Level of the solution, which is a ...


You can retrieve the SharePoint list data using client-object model in ASPX page very easily. here is the link to Access SharePoint list data using Client Object Model


Use the following code to get all items from the list. Once you have the ListItemCollection, you can access value of each list item and bind it to the text box. SPWeb web = SPContext.Current.Web; SPList docList = web.Lists.GetList(enter list ID here, true); SPListItemCollection items = docList.GetItems(); foreach(SPItem item in items) { ...


This turned out to be a network saturation issue and had nothing to do with SharePoint configuration or settings.


Go to your Central Administration website->Manage Web Applications->Click to the right of the name of your SharePoint website->Click on the little arrow on the bottom right of the "General Settings" button on the Ribbon, and choose "Resource Throttling". There are a number of settings here you might be interested in, but you might want to take a particular ...

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