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you can create a separate Project eg. "Common" where you include those classes. You can reference that assembly than from your other Projects. Of course, you have to ensure that this wsp is installed along your other wsps (which use that dll)


The steps for changing the colour in SharePoint Online are: Navigate to Site Content --> Style Library --> desired language Create a new CSS file (if you already have a custom file you can append to that) Add the following CSS styles #O365_NavHeader, .o365cs-nav-rightMenus, #O365_MainLink_NavMenu Change the colour to suit your theme, note because ...


You can write a simple test in VS to get the content of a web page. However many of those tests only gather the HTML response and not all of the files which come along. We started first with those simple tests. A small exe triggered by VisualCron and then we analysed the resultes. As said, the results tended to be too optimistic. Finally we ended up using ...

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