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I'm indebted to this exchange Publish missing in Sharepoint Designer 2010 where @webdes03 explained: "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure" must be activated on the site collection and the actual subweb you're working with, it is set in both places (two separate features, one in Site Collection Features and one in Site Features). All looks good ...


Solution was: Register-SPWorkflowService –SPSite "http://localhost/yourSite" –WorkflowHostUri "https://localhost:12290" –AllowOAuthHttp had to be executed!!


make sure you have compile set on the file properties. e.g. single click "Feature1.EventReciver.cs" within solution explorer. Now look at the properties tab and you should see build action.... make sure its set to compile. same goes for anything else within the project


Well seems when doing Client WebParts (uses Javascript, instead of CodeBehind logic). The control of the Edit Properties, is out of your control. If those of you that find this article, make sure to note that it might be better for you to simply put your Property customization within the webpart itself, refer to Marc D Anderson's Blog Post to read on how ...


We can only use declarative code and Javascript in sandbox solutions. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sharepointdev/archive/2014/01/14/deprecation-of-custom-code-in-sandboxed-solutions.aspx Please remove the Microsoft.SharePoint.Client dlls from the solution and test it.


When developing a high trust provider hosted app in VS, you are asked "How do you want you app to authenticate". Here you have got two options. If you are developing for on premise you can select "Use a certificate". The certificates are created in IIS. See this for more information on setting up dev environment for provider hosted apps. ...


The following image can give you an overview of the entire app schema: Following you can read the definition for each type of hosted app: Sharepoint hosted app SharePoint-hosted apps, or apps where all components are hosted on either an on-premises or Office 365 SharePoint farm. SharePoint-hosted apps are installed on a SharePoint 2013 website, ...

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