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Well, the way that the library brings up the web view is by rewriting the URL to point to the Visio Web Access page - it does this through JavaScript when you hover over the link. Kind of annoying in SP2010 when I'm trying to get at the actual file, actually :) Try copying the URL of the Web Access page and using that as your link - I'm not familiar with ...


You can get to specific Filter and View in SharePoint by defining them in URL, so if you first go to SharePoint, configure the view & filter however you wish, then take the URL from the address bar and use that in Visio Diagram as destination URL.


Looks Like you installed the SharePoint 2013 Standard versions, All the services apps you trying to create are part of Enterprise License. Check this link for standard vs Enterprise Comparison Now you should update your farm with Enterprise license key, You can change it from central admin > Upgrade and Migration > Convert License Type> enter the ...

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