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Pending (1 value) seems has a space at the end while Pending(5 value) doesn't so it considered as a different status.


The Pending (1 value) seems to have a trailing whitespace, while Pending(5 values) has not. Thus, the values are treated as different. If you change the value of that item to Pending (without whitespace), the grouping should work as expected.


Correct, only the current version impacts the LVT.


I eventually solved this by adding this to the link #InplviewHashfda8118a-f32f-48f1-8782-f48da3428ba7= With causes SharePoint to remember the settings as the user adds more filters, where fda8118a-f32f-48f1-8782-f48da3428ba7 is the list id. So a complete url would be ...


Use 2 ListViews with Filters on one page to do the first 'Grouping'


I had this exact issue and never found an answer, but in continuing to just "try stuff out," I stumbled across a solution. Go to "Edit View" and scroll down to the "Folders" link (or if you're creating the view for the first time, be sure to scroll down after setting your parameters) Click the plus sign next to Folders Click the radio button next to ...


It is even best practice to title the (New) View first with a URL save name (without spaces) eg: AllDocuments That way a readable URL is created: /AllDocuments.aspx (instead of /All%20Documents.aspx) Then edit the View again and set the Title to: All Documents So yes, it is perfectly safe to edit Titles And it is safe to change the URL as well... Even ...


Here we can able to find the solution


Personally, I would get the user with Full Control (or the site admins), to create themselves a private view, as opposed to a public one. Within the public view, items will be filtered using the [ME] attribute, whereas you can then specify the parameters of the private/personal view you have created. Additionally, within the general permission levels of all ...


for me it was resolved after patching to ​​​15.0.4745.1001 - ​Aug 2015 - Cumulative update- KB3055009 . it was SP1 - 15.0.4569.1000 - version before which have calendar filter view problems on task list views


I don't think this is a problem. Otherwise you could create a new View which looks the same as AllItems.aspx, set this as default view and give it your desired title.


This should do it: Download jQuery and save it to /SiteAssets/ Create a JavaScript file named comma-break.js and save it in /SiteAssets/ with the contents of: $(document).ready(function () { var str = $('.ms-listviewtable').html(); //; $('.ms-listviewtable').html(str.replace(new RegExp(", ", "g"), ",</br>")); }); Add a Content Editor ...


Add a CEWP to your page, under the calendar, and link it to the following script: <script type="text/javascript"> // // Calendar - Weekdays only // // Regional settings: week starts on Monday. // Change the CalendarWidth value to adjust the width of the calendar. // 742 pixels is the default SharePoint value. // Set the value to zero for automatic ...

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