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From: http://www.makdeniz.com/how-to-filter-sharepoint-2010-tasks-which-are-assigned-to-you-and-the-group-your-are-member-of/ Step 1: Open SharePoint designer then open site that you want to study. Select the task list or any list that you want to filter. When you select task list you will see a panel right site of designer called views. Then select the ...


Edit the page and edit the web part. On the right hand side of the page edit the current view and deselect modified and modified by checkboxes. Save view, save web part, save page and publish (if applicable).


Go to Edit web part. Then click Edit the current view. Then Uncheck the modified and modified by. This will hide your columns.


You can use the SPRibbon.TrimById(controlId) method to hide controls. You can use other OM methods to determine the user's permission and call the TrimById method accordingly. For example, you could use DoesUserHavePermissions on the page's list item: ...


Try creating a view. Navigate to that view, and "Edit" the page. Then edit the List View Web Part, expand advanced, and add your audience. This does not hide the view in the dropdown however.


You probably didn't add these properties to <List> in Schema.xml: ThumbnailSize="160" WebImageWidth="640" WebImageHeight="480" And these fields to View: <FieldRef Name="DocIcon" /> <FieldRef Name="PreviewOnForm" Explicit="TRUE" /> Without them the thumbnails aren't shown.


I do not think that can be done. It shows the 4th view only once we click on it. (Dynamic HTML) But I found a workaround. Go to Edit Page. Click on Add web part and add a content editor with the links to all 4 views. Edit list view web part and disable the view selector menu. Also if needed, set tool bar to no tool bar and remove search. (Look where to ...


Try to run the maintenance job on the content database of the web application.

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