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SharePoint 2010 Use ClientContext structure that is generated on the client-side and contains List View details: //find active View Id function getCurrentViewId(listId) { var viewId; for(var ctxKey in g_ctxDict){ var curCtx = g_ctxDict[ctxKey]; if(curCtx.listName == listId){ viewId = curCtx.view; break; } } return ...


I got it figured out. Simply going into the library settings and clicking on "per-location view settings" will do this. Even if you click on it and then click cancel. I have not found a way to reverse this.


I wrote a blog on how to analyze your current access of SharePoint List Items and how to optimize both code but also SharePoint List Configuration. Hope you find this useful: Optimizing SharePoint List Access Performance


There are many ways you can do this No Code Solution Create a page Add a content editor webpart Edit the content and add URL to the view using html a tags Using Server Object Model Create a visual webpart Get the SPList object and use the SPViewCollection property Using Client Object Model Add a content editor webpart Use below code clientContext ...


that's weird, you should have no problem with group by that type of fields as I show in the picture below As you can see Im filtering by a custom field called friends. Could you tell me how you created the field?, Could you upload an image of the field, like this:


Solved this by using a content editor with text that linked to the relevant document set view.

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