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A powershell can be written to copy files with a system update to retain the modified by and modified columns, refer link Second, check with your admin if they use any tool to move objects between environments (the one we have is Metalogix, we use for purposes like this).


You can access this information via the MajorVersionLimit and MajorWithMinorVersionsLimit properties of the Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.List object. For example (managed OM): string url = "http://yoursite/subweb"; using (var clientContext = new ClientContext(url)) { var web = clientContext.Web; List list = web.Lists.GetByTitle("YourDocLib"); ...


You can use just a small trick as mentioned below. Sample Code : foreach (SPListItem item in list.Items) { foreach (SPListItemVersion itemVersion in item.Versions) { if (item.File.Versions.GetVersionFromLabel(itemVersion.VersionLabel) != null) { ...


You can split the version label and check is the second part 0 string[] versionArray = itemVersion .VersionLabel.Split('.'); int minorVersion = Convert.ToInt32(versionArray[1]); if (minorVersion == 0) { //this is a major version } or you can check the reminder when dividing VersionId with 512 int modulo = itemVersion.VersionId % 512; if (modulo == 0) ...

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