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I know this is not quite an answer you may be looking for, but why not rename doc2.pdf to doc1.pdf and then rename it in SharePoint itself?


Read permission grants a user "View Version" base permission by default. If you have minor & major version turned on in a library, you can limit who can view the minor versions in the version history (readers, contributors, approvers) in List -> Settings -> Version Settings -> Draft Item Security.


Read permissions allow users to view past version history of list items. You can look at your permissions levels by going to Site Actions->Site Settings->Site Permissions, then click on Permissions Levels in the ribbon. I would suggest getting familiar with these permissions and perhaps creating your own to do what you want. Even Read permissions might ...


So now I feel really stupid. I went and look at the workflow and saw that I could select "Start this workflow to approve publishing a major version of an item." and of course that works perfectly.

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