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'Replace it' will create a new version of the file if the library has versioning enabled. You can check if the old version was retained by looking at the file's Version History.


I would either built a small console app using CSOM or use PowerShell and CSOM together. I haven't checked if this code works, but it probably look something like this: using (var context = TokenHelper.GetClientContextWithAccessToken(uri.ToString(), token)) { var web = context.Web; using (var fs = new ...


In O365, there is no possibility to select Version 'does not contain'. So, here is another solution. In your Document Library, create a new Calculated column Minor Version with this formula: =IF(RIGHT(Version,FIND(".",Version))=".0","Major","Minor") Then create a new view Minor Version with this filter: Show items only when the following is true: Minor ...

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