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It is for all items combined in list and library. If you exceed this limit, basic file operations—such as file open or save, delete, and viewing the version history— may not succeed. Please follow this link to get more idea how it effects your sharepoint


How about creating a column, maybe call it newWF as a (single line of text) and set to default value to Yes. in your wf, check the value of that column, if it is equal yes(meaning it is a new item), run your logic, but dont forget to set the column to No after you finish. if the value is no do nothing or skip. not the most elegant solution, but it works! ...


You can check if condition for the approval block with the workflow status hidden field. Create on hidden column called IsApproved & give default value as No At the time of new item creation inside the approval block, Update the IsApproved field as Yes In the workflow check if IsApproved equal to false then go to approval Please refer the below image ...

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