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The most common reason (when there is no error in the formula) is that sites with different regional settings uses different characters as a delimiter. For European countries, commas works (,) work while English uses semicolon (;). So try to change all the semicolons (,) to commas (;) for it to work in your English page and vice versa. Use find and ...


It should work if you add "text4" as a single line text column and adapt and save your formula. After that you can change "text4" to a multi line column without touching your validation formula again.


SP behaviour is little bit strange. If you change value of some field, SP invoke validation, but no message is displayed. Problem is that SP has in file clientforms.js: this.NotifyControlEvent = function(eventName, fldName, eventArg) { ... case SPClientForms.FormManagerEvents.Event_OnControlValueChanged: UpdateAndValidateControlValue(fldName, ...

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