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You can use client side rendering (CSR) ans JSLink to accomplish this. With CSR you can attach a piece of Javascript to a column or to a (edit/new) form. It's also possible to create conditional validations and/or toggle field required properties (based values from other fields). Most popular samples online are here: ...


Go to List tab>List Settings>Validation Settings. Enter =(sum([Event 1],[Event 2],[Event 3]))<=8 in the Formula box. Enter some error text in the User Message box. Now if a user tries to save, and the total tickets is more than 8, it will show the error message, and not submit the form until it is corrected.


Full Control permissions are needed.


I have the same issue - when I select the correct date from calendar, the validation control does not update its state. I found the solution using the JavaScript and overriding the OnPickerFinish method.. Content part of the page: <SharePoint:DateTimeControl ID="MyDateTimeControl" runat="server" DateOnly="true" /> <asp:CompareValidator ...

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