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I could not solve the problem but came up with a work around for the problem: Since, i was making a custom form and making changes in that; the validation for uniqueness was not triggering. So, in the default new form I made all the custom design changes via Jquery rather changing them directly in the form (as ListFormWebPart cannot be edited via ...


Why, why all those nested IFs?? The WEEKDAY function returns a number 1-7 for weekdays, starting at 1=Sunday So to validate Monday, Thursday and Friday use: CHOOSE( WEEKDAY([Start Date]) ,false ,true ,false ,false ,true ,true ,false ) An optional second parameter makes the WEEKDAY function start at other days of the week


Try this =IF(TEXT([Date & Time],"dddd")="Monday",TRUE,IF(TEXT([Date & Time],"dddd")="Friday",TRUE,TEXT([Date & Time],"dddd")="Thursday"))

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