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This works: =AND(Date >= DATE(2015, 3, 1), Date <= DATE(2016, 6, 1)) I don't know what went wrong before. We probably were confused about False triggering the error message.


You can use the HTML title attribute of your custom button. Set it dynamically on basis of whether it is enabled or disabled. You can bind onmouseover event to the button, where you will be resetting the title attribute dynamically.


I will go for JSLink. Try below https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/office/Client-side-rendering-code-80cc9b05


Isn't it possible to access the current value of a field in the formula? That way I can see if the value have been changed and only validate if it have been changed. (I'm 100% new to sharepoint)


Customize the Edit form (either through SP Designer) or add Content Editor webpart (SP 2010) or Script Editor webpart(SP2013). Add JavaScript code to perform validation. Use SharePoint PreSaveAction() Javascript function. When an item is saved SharePoint calls PreSaveAction(). Here you need to perform the validation. See this for more info: ...


Using Event Receiver The only fool proof option is to create an event receiver and handle ItemUpdating handler. Here you have Before and After properties. You can use that to compare the previous values and new values. If validation fails you can cancel the update process and redirect user to an error page. Using JavaScript This option people can bypass ...

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