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Multi-line text field is not available in column picker of Validation Settings page since it is not supported in formula expressions. But you could consider the following client-side approach. How to validate Multi-line text field in SharePoint Probably one of the best ways to apply client-side validation in SharePoint 2010 and 2013 would be to override ...


It would be exactly the same as you have written it in your first code line: =IF( ( AND([FieldA]>[FieldB],[FieldC]>[FieldB]) ), OR([FieldB]>=[FieldD]) )


If it a single value choice field , we can do regular expression validation, but if its multi value it is not supported by SharePoint. In your case , we can use the regular expression = IF( [ChoiceFieldName], "Yes", "No" )


Yes When you create your column there is this option: Require that this column contains information: Mark it to yes so the item will always get a value for this column.

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