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I was able to use the GetUserProfileByName of UserProfileService.asmx to get information for users even if they are not in the site collection.


The access request notifications are set at the root site in Site Permissions. In the Permissions tab you will see Access Request Settings. There you can set if you want to allow request and what email they are sent to.


First of all you have to Allow multiple selections in AssignedTo column. To add/update multi valued Person or Group column, you have to specify the ID's of the Persons or Groups like var data = { __metadata: { "type": "SP.Data.TestListItem" }, Title: "Some title", AssignedToId: { 'results': [11,22] } } You will find more in this CRUD ...


I was able to assign a task by following the steps as mentioned in the below image. Set the variable in step-1 to the email address you got from the web service.


Sure you can, SharePoint Provide the next method using C# SPWeb.SiteUsers.GetByEmail("") This will return you a SPUser object, so your code should be like SPUser oUser = SPWeb.SiteUsers.GetByEmail(""); :) I Hope it helps you

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