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The issue is that your Forest Name and NetBIOS name are different. You have to follow the guide from Spence Harbar: . It was written for 2010 but still applies to 2013. After you create the UPA and before you import profiles you have to set NetBIOSDomainNamesEnabled to true. $upsa = Get-SPServiceApplication –Id ...


Use Move-SPUser. $user = Get-SPUser -Identity "i:0#.w|domain\jdoe" -Web http://siteUrl Move-SPUser -Identity $user -NewAlias "domain\jdoe" -IgnoreSid That will translate the new user's identity into the old identity ('identity' being the SID). This cmdlet works farm-wide.


Based on the error status, SharePoint is saying no personal site exists for the user. Did you check whether Mysites is properly configured and you are able to access the page? I have faced the same issue and resolved it by recreating the User Profile in my dev UPA You can also try some of the solutions proposed here ...


If you can read the line above the form, It is clearly mentioned that Use this page to edit this user profile by changing values for the following properties. Properties that are mapped to the external data source will be overwritten the next time user profiles are imported. The icon indicates that each property of your user profile is mapped with some ...

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